Committees & DTFs

The President's Charge to the CBC

To develop policy options to balance the college's budget for the 2003-2005 biennium by enhancing revenues (through new revenues or tuition and fee increases) and/or reducing expenses (through cost-saving efficiencies and budget reductions), and to present a final recommendation to the president.

We have talked extensively about various models for constituting this group, including models based on hierarchy, on expertise, and on the equitable representation of various groups and constituencies. I have heard general agreement that the group should be reasonably sized so that it can carry out this work in a timely fashion.

In addition to those who normally work with me on budget matters (the Vice Presidents, the Budget Coordinators, the Budget Dean and the Executive Director of Operational Planning and Budget), I am asking Lee Lyttle to continue working on with this group. I will also ask the Agenda Committee's budget liaison to formally join this group, and I will appoint two students and a member of the classified staff to join the group as well. Finally, I will make three additional appointments from nominations provided by the Core Values group, the Financial Futures Group and the Communications Group. I am confident that the members of this group will approach their work with the best interests of the college as a whole in mind.

I have asked Steve Trotter to chair the CBC and to coordinate the overall process.

The College Budget Council (CBC) will coordinate the work necessary to prepare a recommendation for the president. This process has several elements:

1. Collect data
a. The Core Values group is charged with providing the CBC with a set of questions to help test options and recommendations against the college's values.
b. The Vice Presidents and I will identify a very short list of unavoidable new costs for the 2003-2005 biennium and will determine what sources of current financial flexibility can be carried forward to soften the impact of any necessary budget reductions.
c. The Financial Futures group will provide the CBC with business plans that may create new revenue or produce cost-saving efficiencies.
d. From sources external to the college, the CBC will be responsible for estimating the size of possible budget reductions, enrollment changes, and tuition increases that may be authorized by the legislature.

2. Set parameters. Using the data gathered, the CBC will need to develop a set of principles and instructions for the Vice Presidents, which they will use to provide the CBC with budget reduction options.

3. Consult with the community. Throughout the process the CBC will consult extensively with the campus community. As specific policy options are examined, the CBC will consult directly with those who would be affected by options and those who have expertise in the area affected.

4. Develop policy options. Based on the information described above, the CBC will develop a set of policy options, combining new revenue possibilities, cost-saving efficiencies, budget reductions and tuition and fee increases. The CBC should clearly address how the college's core values are expressed by each option under consideration.

5. Provide a recommendation for the President. Ultimately, it is my responsibility to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. I will rely extensively on the CBC's guidance in formulating my recommendation.

Tasks and Timeline
Phase One: To be completed by February 1
1. From the Core Values group, collect a set of questions to keep values in mind.
2. From the Vice Presidents, identify unavoidable new costs
3. From the Vice Presidents, identify sources of current financial flexibility and carry-forward options.
4. From the Financial Futures group, select plans that may increase revenue, realize efficiencies.

Phase Two: To be completed by May 1 (tentatively)
5. From sources external to the college, estimate the size of possible budget reductions, enrollment changes, and tuition increases.
6. Forward a recommendation to the President