Committees & DTFs

Campus Land Use Committee

Aerial Photo 1999

The Campus Land Use Committee (CLUC) provides oversight, support and recommendations in regards to land use proposals from all segments of the campus population. The CLUC is responsible for the periodic update of the college’s Master Plan which was approved in January 2008. The Campus Land Use Committee meets every third Monday of the month in the Facilities Services conference room, Lab II, room 1250 from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00p.m.

All proposals involving outdoor land use on campus must be reviewed by the Campus Land Use Committee. The Committee is an advisory group to the VP for Finance and Administration. Issues of major substance will be forwarded via the VP to Senior Management for final approval. The Committee meets monthly in the Facilities Conference room, Lab II, room 1250.

The committee consists of members of the Evergreen faculty, staff and student body. Meetings may change periodically depending on the academic schedule. If there are questions regarding meeting times, dates or agenda items, please contact the Assistant to the Director of Facilities Services at 360-867-5135 for up to date information.


The Evergreen State College Tree Evaluation (PDF) 8/21/2008

Campus Master Plan 2008

Inventory and Assessment of the Evergreen Trail System (PDF) June 2001

The Evergreen State College Campus Reserves Forest Species Composition Report (PDF) 7/13/07

Hazardous Tree Maintenance Plan (PDF)