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Communications Committee

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(as agreed upon 4-2-03)

Our mission is to communicate with our campus community (students, faculty and staff) and to foster dialog on significant institutional issues. Our role is to identify effective ways (e.g. email, forums, Web, CPJ and other media) to communicate.


On December 16, 2002, the President published a memorandum to the campus describing the budget planning process for the year. The memo included a charge to the Communications Group.


To develop ways to share information with the campus and to foster a dialogue on issues important to the Evergreen community.


Kate Brown, Edie Harding, Lee Hoemann were joined at the November 6 Management Group meeting by Rita Pougiales, Wyatt Cates, Steve Huntsberry and Mary Ann Steele. I have asked Kate and Edie to co-chair the group. Art Costantino, Steve Hunter and a representative from Institutional Research will also join the group. In addition, I have asked Steve Trotter to work with the Budget Coordinators to develop the "Budget 101" materials explaining current revenue and expenditures.


The Communications Group will set short-term and long-term priorities for addressing
communication that will include the following:

  1. Arrange a series of campus-wide meetings on topics of general interest, to be decided by the
  2. Explore means of disseminating information and fostering dialogue, including: a web site
    newsletters, campus television broadcasts, and other ideas.
  3. Work with the other groups to ensure that clear, timely and accurate information is available
    to the campus.
  4. Over time, develop assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of our communication.