Committees & DTFs

Minutes - Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Members present:
Lee Hoemann
Marla Skelley
John Carmichael
Mary Ann Steele
Kate Lykins Brown (recorder)
Susan Bustetter, honorary member

The group received an update from Kate on the faculty meeting she and Edie attended last week to explain the work of the Communications Committee. Chairs from the other three committees (Financial Futures, Core Values and College Budget Council) also gave updates during the faculty meeting.

Word is getting out across campus about next week's brown-bag guest. Suggestions were made about who might be invited for legislative month.

Susan reported that she and her staff are working on a new template for Connections, and Kate said she is looking forward to having more time for working on it. A second round of promotion will be launched next week, after Susan finishes her work.

Kate asked whether the committee thought is advisable to use Connections to highlight campus events and activities that had been mentioned in broadcast e-mails or on the Campus Calendar, fearing redundancy. Consensus was that a repeat on the day of-or perhaps the day before-an event would be helpful.

The committee agreed to meet next week to discuss several emerging issues on campus, including arming of the police and the potential impacts on campus if war is declared.