Committees & DTFs

Minutes - Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Members present:
Steve Hunter
Art Costantino
Edie Harding
Lee Hoemann
John Carmichael
Mary Ann Steele
Wyatt Cates
Steve Huntsberry
Kate Lykins Brown

The team met after management breakfast and discussed several items. Team members made the following points:

The team, with input from Art and Steve Hunter, agreed that external communications should be handled in a separate group, as discussed at the management breakfast. Art and Steve then left.

New members will include Rick Smith, a new employee in Facilities, and a student TBA.

Mary Ann emphasized the need for consistency and timeliness of communications to the campus, and of obtaining and processing feedback in an equally timely manner.

Steve Huntsberry spoke of the need to have a central source of information that community members could access for updates, information and other pertinent matters.

John mentioned that if the decision is made to use an intranet, that it would be advisable to publicize its use to drive traffic there. Posters, postcards and other media were suggested.

Mary Ann reminded the team to use existing groups as a means of getting the word out, e.g., Agenda Committee, faculty meetings, etc.

The team was concerned about getting info to staff without access to computers (such as those working in Facilities and Child Care Center). The suggestion was made to encourage supervisors in those areas to print several sets of whatever is on the Web site for their computer-less folks.

Nominations were taken of folks to send to the CBC to represent the Communications Team. Rita Pougiales was nominated, and later, to the pleasure of the team, accepted.

The team agreed that these tools would help promote communications:
· Sending team members to groups already formed to share info at their meetings.
· Posting info on the campus calendar on the Web site.
· Setting up an intranet.
· Developing a topic-specific agenda with such items as enrollment growth, civil service reform, campus construction, etc., and share info with community through a variety of ways.

Kate offered to draft an intranet proposal. Content would include:
· Minutes from meetings of other 3 groups (remember, we will ask each one to spend last few minutes of each meeting summarizing decisions/discussions, and soliciting feedback, as appropriate)
· Summaries of other activities, as appropriate (senior staff, management breakfast)
· Dates of upcoming meetings, activities, legislative hearings, opportunities for expression, etc.
· Links to other sites with useful info

College relations could be responsible for content and would request other areas to forward materials/summaries for posting.

The Communications Team's next meeting is Wed., Dec. 4 at 9:30 a.m. in the Board Room following management breakfast.