Committees & DTFs

Minutes - Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Members present:
Edie Harding
Marla Skelley
John Carmichael
Mary Ann Steele
Wyatt Cates
Steve Huntsberry
Rick Smith
Rita Pougiales
Kate Lykins Brown (recorder)

The team discussed the intranet and what info we may want to link. Suggestions were the Deans', Agenda Committee's and Academic Sub-Council's pages, and Senior Staff minutes. Other items we may want to include are Edie's legislative page as well as the work done by the other 3 committees. We also reiterated the need to have a calendar of important/pertinent campus and community events. Intranet should be ready by December 10.

Marla asked if the site would be interactive. Absent this feature, it was suggested that FAQs could be a useful way of handling common queries. It was also suggested that we may want to solicit topics for future monthly focus sessions through the intranet. Attached is a first cut at those topics for monthly sessions. We agreed to proceed with requests for the budget and legislative sessions in January and February

Rita talked about the need to not just provide info, but supply interpretations or contexts. The team also discussed using other avenues for communication (brown bag lunches, forums, speaking to small groups) as ways of amplifying info. We spoke about providing ample notice of community meetings, and how we may first post info on the intranet (such as Budget 101 material), invite the community to a meeting/forum, and advertise the meeting across campus.

Edie solicited ideas for her "Budget 101" suggestion as the topic of the month for December/January. The role of budget coordinators, sources of income, and the differences between the operating and capital budgets were mentioned as facets of the budget that bear explanation.

The team forwards the names of Andrea Coker-Anderson, Jules Unsel and Rita Pougiales to Les for consideration for the College Budget Council.

Next steps:
Kate will solicit suggested titles and draft an intent section to head the intranet page, and distribute same to team. She will also work with other 3 committees to identify recorders and ask them to forward their minutes to her for posting on intranet.

Next meeting:
Wednesday, December 18, following the next management breakfast.


Evergreen Community Draft Topics

Draft 12/4/02

Topic Lead(s) When How
Budget 101
Where does the money come from? What do we spend it on?
Steve Trotter By Jan 1, 2003

Intranet Posting

  • Brown Bag
  • Invites to special meetings
Legislature 101

What are the hot topics this session? What is Evergreen's strategy?

Edie Harding By Feb 1, 2003

Intranet Posting

  • Brown Bag
  • Invites to special meetings
  • Guest Speakers


Student Mix

Entrance Requirements

Enrollment by program

Steve Hunter By March 1, 2003




Gen Ed

Rita Pougiales By April 1, 2003
Child Care Center and Seminar II Construction Michel George By May 1, 2003

Human Resources

Civil Service Reform, Exempt salaries

? By May 1, 2003