Committees & DTFs

Minutes - Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Summary of Minutes from Communications Meeting February 26, 2003

Attendees: Jim Beaver, Susan Bustetter, John Carmichael, Marla Skelley, Mary Ann Steele, Steve Huntsberry, Rick Smith, Edie Harding, Erica Nelson

The communications group felt that it needed to clarify its role and mission to limit "mission creep" and to facilitate our collaboration with the other groups working on the budget process. Members saw two roles: 1) making the budget process more transparent by ensuring there is adequate information/communication to the campus and 2) using the web site Connections to "connect" up different groups with needs to communicate. Marla Skelley and Edie Harding will develop a statement to share at our next meeting.

To reach out to students it was suggested that we explore ways with Tom Mercado, Director of Student Activities and also the Cooper Point Journal with Meta Hogan. John Carmichael will touch base with Tom. Jim distributed a draft communication from Art Costantino to students about tuition. Members of the group should provide comments on the draft to Jim today.

Susan Bustetter is working on ways to improve the navigation of Connections. She will work with Jim Beaver, Kate Lykins-Brown and John Carmichael on this.

Jim Beaver would like to conduct a communications audit to see how well we are communicating across campus and where the disconnects are. He will bring a work plan to our group.

Next Meeting March 19th at 9:30 (Location TBA)