Committees & DTFs

Minutes - Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Brief Summary of Minutes from Communications Meeting March 19, 2003

Attendees: Jim Beaver, Susan Bustetter, John Carmichael, Marla Skelley, Mary Ann Steele, Edie Harding and Kate Lykins-Brown.

The communications group continued to work through and question the mission of the group. The question was raised regarding whether or not a person from HR needs to become a member of the group due to the internal focus of the communications.

Jim Beaver talked about an internal communications audit and passed out documents used in past audits he'd conducted. He drew on the board the audience members for the audit which ended up being administration, faculty, staff and students. Past surveys were mentioned and John Carmichael agreed to get copies of these to the members.

We asked ourselves if our job was the media or the message. We ended up agreeing it was a bit of both. We think we should be the filter or vetting group for material *and* should decide appropriate media for the communication.

Other questions that were asked include:

  • Is HR or College Relations responsible for internal communications?
  • Are we an editorial board?
  • Are we an advisory committee for internal communications for HR and College Relations?

We agreed on the following mission statement:

Our mission is to communicate with our campus community (students, faculty and staff) and to foster dialog on significant institutional issues. Our role is to identify effective ways (e.g. email, forums, Web, CPJ and other media) to communicate. Our role is also to support the Connections Web site.

Next Meeting April 2nd at 9:30 (Location TBA)