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Community Service Learning DTF - Resources


Successful Service Learning Programs Ed Zlotkowski

Service Learning Barbara Jacoby

Where is the Learning in Service Learning? Giles and Eyler Evidence

"A Challenge to the Notion of Service" (in National Society for Internships and Experiential Education resource book) Nadinne Cruz

"John Dewey: A Voice That Still Speaks to Us," Change David Halliburton

"De-Platonizing and Democratizing Education as the Bases of Service Learning," Academic Service Learning Ira Harkavy and Lee Benson

"Reinventing the Research University for Public Service," Journal of Planning Literature Barry Checkaway

Jefferson Center, POB 279, Wolf Creek, OR 97497. Focus:
Forest Worker and Harvester Network

Highlander Research & Education Center, 1959 Highlander Way, New Market,
TN 37820. 423-933-3443
Library/Research/Publications/Newsletters/Projects and Networks.

Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. email: Publications, models, networks on
participatory research.

International Council on Adult Education, 720 Bathurst, ste 500, N5S 2R4,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Projects, pubs on participatory/action
research; networks.

Loka Institute: National Community Research Network, PO Box 355, Amherst,
MA 01004. 413-559-5860 email: Richard
Schlove, director.

Community-Based Research in the US

(includes Case Studies & Comparison with the Dutch Science Shops and the
Mainstream American Research System) By Sclove, Scammel, & Holland, 1998.
Contact Loka for resources, models, networks.

Policy Research Action Group, Ctr for Urban Research & Learning,
Loyola Univ, 301-508-3650 Projects, newsletter,
network, funding resources.

Science and Environmental Health Network. email:
202-328-9609 (DC office) 701-763-6287 (Windsor, ND office..Carolyn
Raffensperger, director) The Networker (newsletter); "Scientists and Grassroots
Organizations: Good Work that Matters" (pamphlet)

Resource Centre for Participatory Learning & Action,International Institute for
Environment & Development, 3 Endsleigh St., London WC1H ODD, UK. email: Participatory Learning & Action Notes.

2/99; NW Popular Education Conf/Evergreen State College

Ms. Lin Nelson is the resource for the organizational and community-based research.