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Enrollment Growth DTF Resources

A Simplified Summary of the Budget Situation, November 2004 (Word | PDF)

Call for Proposals for Enrollment Growth, November 2004 (Word | PDF)

Enrollment Growth DTF - An Update, November 2004 (Word | PDF)

Proposals for Five Inter-Area Initiatives from the 2000-2001 Academic Growth DTF (Word | PDF)

Some History of Enrollment and Enrollment Growth Plans, June 2004 (Word | PDF)

Students Deciding Not to Attend Evergreen, Fall 2003 (Word | PDF)

Summary on Recent Enrollment Trends and Estimated Growth Due to State Population Increases, September 2004 (Word | PDF)

Summary on Undergraduate Student Demand, September 2004 (Word | PDF)

The Higher Education Coordinating Board's process for evaluation and acceptance of High Demand enrollment proposals for the
2004-05 academic year (Word)

Enrollment Growth Final Report 2005 (PDF)