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Exempt Employees Information Page

In 2006, a DTF was charged to identify issues of concern for exempt employees.    Exempt employees do not have a union and are not represented as a group in matters of salary or other issues.  The DTF met with many exempt employees and determined that the primary concern at the time was salary equity and fairness.  The documentation of the DTF report and findings may be found on the Exempt Employees DTF page (see left navigation bar).

After the DTF completed their report, including some requested revisions and clarification by the Vice Presidents, a new process was begun.  Some of the original DTF members , joined by new individuals, were re-formed into an Advisory Group to offer advice and support in the process of reviewing and updating a transparent and equitable salary structure for exempt employees. 

This work continues as of April 2008, and we invite you to return to this page for new information as it becomes available.