Committees & DTFs

Meeting Minutes - January 9, 2003

Attending: Don Bantz, Petra Carver, Art Costantino, Ann Daley, Debbie Garrington, Sharon Harrison, Kathy Hogan, Anna Kircher, Frank McGovern, Enrique Riveros-Schafer, Mike Segawa, Steve Trotter, Bill Zaugg

1) Reminders

a) Deadline for submitting ideas to the web site is 1/24
b) A reminder of that deadline will be emailed 1/17
c) A community forum about the ideas will be 1/27 at 3pm in L3500

2) Capturing ideas generated before the web site went live

a) Forward to Anna any of these ideas and she will have them posted
b) Don will talk with Sonja about ideas from the Faculty Retrea

3) Community forum planning

a) A list of ideas for immediate feedback/exploration will be developed
b) All ideas submitted will be kept on a larger list
c) Don and Frank will facilitate the forum

4) Upcoming Financial Futures meetings

a) 1/14 at 4:30pm and 1/21
b) Ideas submitted to date will be discussed

5) Continuing Education proposal

a) Don presented a proposal to begin a market/business analysis plan
b) The proposal also included descriptions of an internal business analysis process and pilot program for Summer, 2003.
c) The group supported the proposal and the next step of a presentation to the Senior Staff.
d) The group did ask that any pilot program recommendations come back to Financial Futures prior to implementation.
e) Funding for this proposal ($85,000 approved by the VPs in December, 2001) would come from the Academic division reserves.

6) Telemarketing System

a) College Advancement staff presented a proposal to purchase a telemarketing system
b) This system would enable more alumni to be contacted and reduce paperwork.
c) Potentially there are 25,000 alumni but we are only able to reach about 3000 presently.
d) There are also potential uses for institutional research, recruitment and ticket sales purposes if additional modules were purchased.
e) The purchase price is estimated to be $84,000 with an additional $10,600 in maintenance/license fees in subsequent years.
f) COP funding is being explored.
g) The use of general state funds for Foundation purchases is also being researched.
h) There may be some internal College Advancement funds available.
i) Research will be done to ascertain what experiences other institutions have had with installation of telemarketing systems and how much increase in Annual Fund contributions we might expect.
j) This proposal will be considered along with the other ideas submitted between now and 1/24.

7) Donor Market Assessment

a) College Advancement staff presented a proposal to conduct a Donor Market Assessment.
b) There is a need to know more about potential donors.
c) The cost range of this assessment is $10,000-50,000.
d) This proposal will be considered along with the other ideas submitted between now and 1/24.
e) A skeleton description of an overall fundraising campaign will also be provided with this proposal.

8) Steve suggested Financial Futures needed an introductory home page

-Don and Frank will follow-up with Susan Bustetter