Committees & DTFs

Meeting Minutes - December 10, 2002

Attending: Don Bantz, Petra Carver, Art Costantino, Frank McGovern, Enrique Riveros-Schäfer, Mike Segawa, Steve Trotter

1) The following revenue enhancing/cost savings goals were discussed:

a) Next 6 months: $100,000 (1/03-6/03)
b) Next biennium: $300,000 (7/03-6/04)
c) Next biennium: $600,000 (7/04-6/05)
d) No goals yet discussed for 7/05-2009

2) Fees discussion

a) Tuition lies outside of this construct.
b) Goal of $50,000 revenue increase in fees by 6/04 and $100,000 by 6/05
c) Do we want to find more fees (i.e. registration, counseling/health, international students, printing, S&A, materials, high cost programs)?
d) Need to identify places where we are giving away services.
e) Need to identify services that go beyond tuition levels and have broad based student use.
f) Clarification on 601's impact is needed.
g) Fees discussion needs to take into account the total cost of attendance.

3) Steve noted that a return to a mix of 25% out-of-state students would yield $500,000.

4) Housing, Food and Conference Services

a) The Housing/Food/Conference Services Work Group has recommended to Art and Ann the combining of Housing and Food Services.
b) It was decided to recharge this group to examine the question of how much money could be generated if Housing, Food, and Conference Services were combined.
c) In an ideal situation, what kind of revenue could be generated? What is the most profitable use of space? Need for a market analysis and perhaps outside help is needed.
d) Tacoma campus is to be included in this examination.
e) The work is to be done within the next 6 months.

4) Continuing Education

a) Don recommended the use of summer school reserves to immediately begin a process of creating Continuing Education offerings.
b) Need to hire a consultant (.5 to 1 FTE faculty position) to set-up this program that essentially would be an extension of summer school (2-4 credit programs) into a year round activity that occurs on site and off site.
c) Goal is to implement by 6/04 and generate $50,000 in revenue and $100,000 by 6/05.

5) Space Management/Room Assignment

a) Summer changes have been recommended to Ann through the Housing/Food/Conference Services Work Group, Academic Deans and Space Management.
b) Academic year changes have not yet been addressed by Space Management.
c) Even though Seminar Phase II will help with space issues, the Library renovations will postpone full capacity until after 2005-06.

6) Distance Learning

a) Not an immediate goal
b) The concept would be to deliver public service center type learning on-line.
c) Taking programs to where people are.