Committees & DTFs

Meeting Notes - December 4, 2002

Present: Don Bantz (scribe), Frank McGovern, Art Costantino, Enrique Riveros-Schafer, Ann Daley, Anna Kircher, Mike Segawa, Bill Zaug

Meeting times: We agreed to meet weekly at the VPs meetings on Tuesdays at 4pm.

Role of group: To solicit ideas from the campus community; vet/screen ideas, decide whether to move them forward or not; provide a structure for and categorize ideas as they come in e.g.,
a. Immediate, short term (next biennium), or long term
b. Determine potentiality and to place our major focus on the projects with large net revenue impact
A venue to discuss the implications of ideas to include fees, fund raising, earned income, efficiencies, budget savings.

Next meeting: Dec. 10th, 4pm. Ann Daley's staff will convene the VP meeting
Intent: to focus on large net revenue ideas and identify the questions to be addressed for each one

Other: Frank is working on the outline of a capital campaign to present to us in January.
Ann has arranged process improvement consultant to provide workshop at Jan 15 mgt. Breakfast. We discussed importance of providing incentives to those that proffer ideas and the staff that implement them while acknowledging the potential implications of having multiple "enterprise centers" operating within the college.

Web site: solicitation of ideas from the community. We approved the process and revised the time frames (see attached document)