Committees & DTFs

Meeting Minutes - March 4, 2003

Attending: Jacob Rosenblum(student), Emily (student), Art Costantino, Frank McGovern, Enrique Riveros-Schafer, Don Bantz, Petra Carver, Bill Zaugg, Steve Trotter, Mike Segawa

1) Business Plans submitted

a) 7 plans were available for the group's review (automated telemarketing system, donor market assessment, credit card payments via the web, wireless communication enhancement, personal computer acquisition efficiencies, continuing education program, and conference services revenue generation)
b) Recommendations on these plans are due to the CBC by 3/21
c) Copies of these plans will be available on the web site

2) Automated Telemarketing Business Plan reviewed

a) Projected net revenue increase is $50,000 per year for the next six years
b) Costs associated with project include purchase of equipment, annual maintenance/support fees ($10,000 per year), and increase in student labor costs
c) A funds flow analysis will be developed
d) Description of how increased revenue will be applied (mostly to scholarships) will be created
e) Other potential uses for this system include emergency/disaster preparedness and telephone surveys
f) Possible partnering with Washington State University and their system will be explored
g) The costs associated with achieving a comparable telemarketing outreach without the automated system will be projected
h) A majority of the group preliminarily favor forwarding this idea to the CBC with our support