Committees & DTFs

Meeting Minutes - June 3, 2003

Attending: Art Costantino, Frank McGovern, Don Bantz, Petra Carver, Bill Zaugg, Steve Trotter, Mike Segawa, Debbie Garrington, Anna Kircher, Ann Daley

1) Space usage issues were discussed.

a) Don confirmed faculty will be vacating space in Seminar I. Ann will inform Space Management Committee.
b) Bill raised the question of what are appropriate long term rental rates for use by outside agencies. This was last updated in 1985.
c) Ann reminded the group that the legislative capital budget allocation will determine timing of any office moves.
d) Steve talked about the need for conversations about the strategic use of space, land and other physical resources. Ann stated the VPs would charge a group to address strategic planning for space.
e) Mike noted the interrelatedness of groups working on Campus Life, Conferencing, and Financial Futures.

2) Credit Card Payment

a) Collin shared his research to date about the college options.
b) Software could be purchased ($20,000-30,000 estimate) or a 3rd party vendor could be used.
c) Anna raised questions about technical and user support issues.
d) Business Services and Computing and Communications staff will meet with Collin. Petra will set this up.

3) Telemarketing System

a) Debbie Garrington described the progress made on purchasing a system.
b) 12 vendors have submitted letters of intent.
c) A timeline was shared for this process.
d) Go-live date is November 21st.

4) Extended Education

a) A 12 member cross-divisional team is working on this program.
b) Amy Betz is coordinating these efforts.
c) June 30 is a report date for the group.
d) Niche markets are being identified.
e) It's anticipated to take a year to set-up plans and year 2 would begin to produce revenue.
f) Summer School and Extended Education have been merged administratively.
g) Estimates are to be able to double the gross revenues in 3-5 years.
h) A revenue sharing plan is being developed to cover institutional costs.

Next Meeting: June 17th, 4pm, review deferred ideas and identify how we will move forward from here.