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Parking Expansion DTF

Elements of possible parking management plans - DRAFT

Element Examples Pro Con
Gates Gates on the way in

Gates on the way out

Ease of enforcement

May facilitate tiered fees

Cost of enforcement

Vandal target

Initial costs and upkeep

Adaptability for events

Traffic flow

Parking Booth The current booth.

Or, it could be located elsewhere.

Visitor greeting.

Making change.

Provides jobs.

Source of information.

Cash watched by a person.

Low tech

Requires staffing.

Safety (risk of robbery).

Cost of upgrades.

Tiered parking Pay more to park close

Choices available to suit individual needs.

Facilities required.



Designated Parking Provide separate lots for permit holders, daily pass holders, car pools, etc. Simplifies enforcement. Inconvenient for some users.

Problems if one lot fills up.

Parking meters Up close meters for visitors

Short-term parking meters

Facilitates events (Longhouse)

People not parking in B/C don't have to go out of their way to the booth.

Ease of transacting quick business.

Vandal target

Initial cost


Some spots off-line

Mandatory fees & open lots All staff, faculty & students would pay. The lots would be open to all. Very low cost of operation.

Fees could be very low.

Not CTR friendly

Loss of jobs

Need a lot of parking.

"Pay & Display" ticket spitter SPSCC uses this system.

F-Lot will soon have this.

People not parking in B/C don't have to go out of their way to the booth.

Reduce labor cost.

Initial costs and upkeep

Vandal target

Need change.

What happens to the booth?