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During the 1999-2000 academic year, the Parking Expansion Disappearing Task Force (DTF) worked on a plan for creating additional parking spaces on campus. To read about the process the DTF used to develop options and collect input, click here. To read the recommendation that the DTF submitted, click here.

During Fall 2000, the DTF is working on a parking management recommendation. This web page is intended to keep the campus community informed about the DTF's work and to explain how to provide input to the DTF.

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The Charge to the DTF

"The primary charge to the Parking Expansion Disappearing Task Force (DTF) is to recommend to the Vice President for Student Affairs a parking facilities plan and accompanying parking management plan to address the college's growth through 2010." -- Excerpt from Art Costantino's charge to the DTF.

In October 1999, Art Costantino, Vice President for Student Affairs, convened the Parking Expansion DTF to study several parking-related issues facing the college. The charge to the DTF includes seven specific points and asks for a report by February 1, 2000. Art Costantino also published a memo to the campus community providing some context for the DTF's work.


Current members of the Parking Expansion DTF are:

Wendy Freeman (chair)

Director of Career Development

Michel George

Director of Facilities

Doug Hitch

Art Technician/Woodshop

Steve Huntsberry

Director of Police Services

Mark Lacina

Assistant Director (Housing)

Sherry Parsons

Commute Trip Reduction

Susie Seip

Parking Manager

Joel Staloch

Conference Services

Dave Weber

Director of Recreation & Athletics

Bill Zaugg

Admin Ass't for Budget

During the 1999-2000 academic year, the DTF had additional members: Thomas Bain, student; Jill Cordner, student; Thad Curtz, faculty; Linda Kahan, faculty; Trevor Lytle, student; Paul Przbylowicz, faculty; Darren Shaffer, student; Masao Sugiyama, faculty; and Timothy Quinn, faculty.

The DTF would welcome additional faculty and student members. If you are interested in serving on the DTF, please contact Wendy Freeman, the DTF's chair at


The DTF held its first meeting on November 8, 1999. Minutes from meeting during the 1999-2000 academic year, when the DTF was working on a recommendation for expanding the parking lots, can be found here. This year's meeting minutes are posted below:


Ideas under consideration

If you have ideas that you think the DTF should consider or would like to comment on any of these ideas, please see "Providing Input" below.

Providing input

"It is expected that the DTF will consult widely with the Evergreen community before finalizing its recommendations." -- Excerpt from Art Costantino's charge to the DTF.

Collecting input from the campus community is a major responsibility of the DTF. During the course of its work, the DTF will work to create opportunities for input. You can send e-mail to the chair of the DTF, who will share your comments with the rest of the DTF members:

The DTF plans to hold two campus forums to get input:

Tuesday, November 7 from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. in CAB 110
Wednesday, November 8 from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. in CAB 110

Please come to hear the latest ideas and provide input.


The DTF expects to make its recommendations before the end of Fall quarter 2000. The DTF will welcome ideas and comments as it works toward making its recommendations.

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