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Parking Expansion DTF Parking Management Meeting Notes
Recorded by Wendy Freeman, November 23, 1999

"How can we best manage our parking facilities?" was the primary charge to the consultant, Dan Brane, at the first meeting for Parking Management. Mr. Brane has been contracted to consult with SCA to address this specific aspect of parking on campus. After gathering statistics and conducting a review of current practices, the consultant will report to the Parking Expansion DTF and make recommendations to SCA forwarding a set of recommendations and options for the college's management of the parking facilities.

The consultant will report to the Parking Expansion DTF as follows:

  1. A 30 minute introductory information session.
  2. A 1-hour report of the Draft of the recommendations.
  3. A 1-hour follow-up to the final report (if necessary).

The report should cover a range of cost for the expansion as well as ongoing maintenance of lots with an eye to future as well as current needs.

Questions from SCA and Consultant

  • What is the current revenue from parking and can that be broken out by categories: student, staff faculty, and visitors?
  • Cost of existing services?
  • Amount of money in reserve?
  • Estimates of day student use?
  • Annual maintenance costs?
  • How is revenue currently collected?
  • What are the differences between sticker parking and one time fee use?
  • What are the security issues related to parking management?

Ad hoc questions:

  • Can we maximize revenue on the weekends?
  • Should we consider preferential parking or graded parking?
  • Necessity for venting in parking booth and $12K cost?
  • Do we want a welcome center co-located with police services at the "front gate" of the parking areas?
  • Be sure to include parking lot safety issues in the planning.

Problems relate to enforcement:

  • Current loss of revenue due to unpaid infractions.
  • Turn over of student staff in terms of training costs and continuity.

The consultant will schedule with Parking Expansion DTF at some point following the holiday. If you have questions before the next meeting, contact Wendy Freeman at 6187 or

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