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Parking Expansion DTF

Parking Expansion DTF

Parking Expansion Disappearing Task Force

  • December 1, 1999
  • 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Notes

Attending: Steve Huntsberry, Linda Kahan, Mark Lacina, Matthew Loxterman, Timothy Quinn, Sherry Parsons, Darren Shaffer, Masao Sugiyama, Bill Zaugg, John Carmichael

Mark Lacina led the meeting in Wendy's absence.

1.Review of survey

Mark distributed a draft survey that he intends to distribute campus-wide during the week of December 6. Mark invited comments and suggestions.

The DTF made several comments on the draft survey generally, including:

  • Collect information about the people responding. Are they faculty, staff, on-campus students, off-campus students? Do they currently use the lots? Which ones?
  • Provide a scale for people to use in responding to questions (for instance, "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree").
  • Provide lots of room for narrative comments.
  • This survey will not be statistically valid. Responses will be highly biased. It will be impossible to make valid inferences from the survey results.

The DTF made comments on several specific questions:

  • Regarding question #3, the "center of campus" may not be the relevant area for some respondents. Perhaps "for your purpose" would be better.
  • Regarding question #5, add a few parenthetical words to define "utilitarian look."
  • Regarding question #6, ask respondents to rank their choices.
  • Regarding question #7, provide more detailed information on the range of fee increases under consideration.
  • Regarding question #9, "how parking is administered" is very broad. How could the Parking office or the DTF use this feedback?

2. Student group

Mark introduced Matthew Loxterman and Darren Shaffer from the student group Evergreen Alternative Transportation (also known as "EAT This"). The group was formed by students who were involved in the Student Bus Pass project and intends to develop a Commute Trip Reduction program focused on students. Darren urged the DTF to spend time considering strategies to reduce demand for parking rather than focusing exclusively on adding parking spaces. The group would like to be involved in the DTF's work.

3. Subcommittees

The DTF began to form subcommittees to focus on specific issues, including:

  • Costs and fees - Bill Zaugg and Steve Huntsberry are working on this. Masao volunteered to help.
  • Outreach - It was suggested that Thad Curtz, who was not present, might join this group.
  • Commute Trip Reduction - Sherry Parsons and Mark Lacina
  • Environmental Issues - Timothy Quinn volunteered and suggested that Trevor would also join this group.

4. Next meeting

The next meeting is Wednesday, December 8 from 1:00-3:00 in Library 1507. Possible agenda items include:

  • A member of the Seminar II DTF may join the discussion.
  • The survey should be ready to distribute.
  • Progress reports from subcommittees.
  • Decide on how the DTF might participate in the Commute Trip Reduction fair on December 15.
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