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Parking Expansion DTF

Parking Expansion DTF

Parking Expansion Disappearing Task Force

  • May 17, 2000
  • 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Notes

Attending: Wendy Freeman, Michel George, Steve Huntsberry, Mark Lacina, Sherry Parsons, Darren Shaffer, Bill Zaugg, John Carmichael

1. Progress report

Wendy reported that she had presented the DTF's recommendation for adding parking spaces (Option 7) to the Senior Staff, Board of Trustees, Management Breakfast group, SASS Directors, and the Campus Land Use Committee. The presentations have been well received. At the Board of Trustees meeting, the president praised the DTF's work. Wendy thanked Andy Wear for creating a good graphic of Option 7.

Darren Shaffer has produced poster board displays summarizing the DTF's work. Displays are up in the CAB and Library. A third display is planned for the Lab I. A news report on the DTF appeared in the CPJ last week. An opinion piece is expected to appear this week.

2. Parking Management

Susie Seip, Parking Supervisor, was scheduled to attend the meeting to discuss parking management options, but was unable to attend due to a medical emergency.

3. Fees

Bill said that he continued to believe that a fee increase of approximately 44% (an increase from $7/month to $9/month for annual passes) would probably be adequate. The DTF would need more certain information about costs to precisely calculate the necessary fee increase. The group identified several questions to answer:

  • What is the cost of construction for Option 7? (Last estimate: $400,000)
  • What is the cost of resurfacing and other deferred maintenance that would be done concurrently with Option 7?
  • What is the parking management plan and what is its cost?

John described the process for raising parking fees. The president has the authority to raise fees after a public meeting is held to collect comments on the proposed fee schedule. If the DTF plans to recommend a fee increase for the next academic year, it will need to act soon, before faculty and students leave for the summer. Bill noted two reasons for raising fees sooner rather than later: a) raising fees soon would build up a surplus, which would reduce the cost of borrowing for parking lot reconfiguration; b) the DTF has been talking about raising fees since October, so people are prepared for a fee increase. Michel noted advantages to waiting until next year for a fee increase. Discussion of a fee increase is likely to be highly charged, so the DTF should be certain of its figures and be prepared for extensive community discussion. A proposed fee increase may strike an especially raw nerve for those exempt employees who recently learned that they would be receiving a one percent salary increase.

Several members of the DTF suggested possible changes to the fee structure. Sherry suggested that carpool parking be made permanently free. Darren suggested that the parking booth give a discount based on the number of passengers. Darren suggested increasing quarterly passes more sharply than annual passes as a way of generating revenue. Michel suggested increasing daily visitor passes most sharply. Bill said that there were disadvantages to raising visitor parking fees. Wendy suggested that the DTF consult with conference services, the CRC, the Longhouse, and other areas of the college likely to be interested in visitor fees.

Given the time pressure on fee decisions, the group decided that Wendy, Bill and John should brief Art Costantino on the fee discussion as soon as he returns to campus (May 22).

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