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Parking Expansion DTF

Parking Expansion DTF

Parking Expansion Disappearing Task Force

  • August 30, 2000
  • 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Notes

Attending: Wendy Freeman, Steve Huntsberry, Mark Lacina, Sherry Parsons, Susie Seip, Bill Zaugg, John Carmichael


Wendy reported that she had met with Art Costantino, who had accepted the DTF's report on options for reconfiguring the parking lots. He asked that the DTF report on the parking management part of the charge before disbanding. Wendy and Art agreed that the DTF would produce a parking management report by December 15. Before making a report, the DTF will work on identifying an array of parking management options, develop some criteria for choosing among the options, and collect input from the campus.


Wendy said that she will recruit some additional students to serve on the DTF to replace students who have moved on. She has also asked Susie Seip, the Parking Manager, to joint the DTF for this phase of its work. Wendy may also recruit a few faculty to replace those who have other governance assignments this year and staff who work in areas likely to be affected by changes in parking management.


The group agreed that before its next meeting, members would read through the draft parking management report from SCA and make notes on possible criteria to use in rating the options. For instance, the possibility of vandalism or theft may be a concern if the DTF wishes to pursue options that place automated ticket machines in the parking lots.

Next meeting

The DTF will meet again on Wednesday, October 4 from 1:00 to 3:00 in Library 1505.