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Parking Expansion DTF

Parking Expansion DTF
Parking Expansion Disappearing Task Force

  • October 4, 2000
  • 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Notes

Attending: Wendy Freeman, Steve Huntsberry, Susie Seip, Bill Zaugg, Doug Hitch, Joel Staloch, Tina Kuckkahn


Joel Staloch was introduced as a new standing member. The DTF heard reports from Tina Kuckkahn on issues related to parking and the use of the Longhouse and Susie Seip regarding electronic equipment for parking passes. The group reviewed the Management Report from SCA and briefly looked at the options. The topic of decision making criteria was tabled until next meeting.

Longhouse Issues:

Tina reported that as one of the five public education centers on campus the Longhouse had multiple short term parking and access issues as well as concerns about event parking. Joel mentioned that Conference Services has noticed a real increase in the use of the Longhouse even over the last year. Cultural events at the Longhouse encourage youth and elders to participate and B, C, and F Lots are too far from the Longhouse for easy access. Often people end up parking along the road to the Longhouse and are towed due to the unsafe conditions of the roadside. Visitors might also park and then discover they must drive back around to the parking booth to purchase day or hour long passes. (This gave rise to a short discussion about the possibility of selling 20 passes to the Longhouse that could be dated as they are used. Police Services does not sell parking passes.) Art vendors have no easy access between B Lot and the Longhouse making it difficult to set up displays or handle delicate artwork. A question was raised about the original plans for parking at the Longhouse. (There was a general discussion about the possibility of an access road from B Lot to the Longhouse, having a lot along Dogtooth Lane, cost, budget issues, affordability and strategies for expanding lots.) There is a proposal to expand the Longhouse to include the Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute, which will bring in yet another off campus constituency that will need short term parking. Having meters that people can plug for up to three hours would be a good solution.


Tina would recommend an additional 25 � 50 parking spaces for the Longhouse and suggested widening Dogtooth Lane. Steve suggested several small lots in areas close to the Longhouse where there are few trees. A request was made to increase parking for the elderly and disabled.

Parking Pass Vending Machines:

Susie reported on a number of products she researched including machines from France and Canada, both provided multiple systems sales and required that they manage the parking lots as well as providing the machines. Ven -Tek, an American Company, had two models that looked promising. The company representative Roy Whipple (who reportedly resembles Captain Kirk) is willing to present the models to the DTF at our request. The 400 Model costs approximately $7,500 and provides two types of passes day and hour long and does not make change. The more expensive V model costs approximately $10,000 and makes change. Either model would require a shelter over the machine. If currency is wet the machine tends to jam. Both machines seem to hold up well and have good track records. The Parking Manager at SPSCC highly recommends the 400 model they use. Both machines come with a maintenance contract attached. ( A general discussion began about including parking meters as part of the management plan, metered parking as a customer service for visitors to campus, problems with day passes. Bill mentioned his concerns about having money out in remote areas of the parking lot as a safety issue. Areas on campus impacted by passes being sold only at the Parking Booth included Conference Services, Campus Recreation Center, Longhouse, Admissions, Housing and the Career Development Center.) Susie feels parking in general, while congested, is somewhat better this year. She has not looked into parking meters, but has agreed to do so.

Next meeting:

  • The DTF will meet again on Wednesday, October 18, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Library 1505.
  • Note: Since several of the members are unavailable on the 11th we are pushing the meeting to the 18th. To assure we work effectively please have a list of your input for decision-making criteria ready by the 18th.

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