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Parking Expansion DTF

Parking Expansion DTF

Parking Expansion Disappearing Task Force

  • October 18, 2000
  • 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Notes

Attending: Wendy Freeman, Michel George, Doug Hitch, Steve Huntsberry, Mark Lacina, Sherry Parsons, Susie Seip, Joel Staloch, Dave Weber, Bill Zaugg, John Carmichael

Review of minutes of October 4

Wendy said that Tina Kuckkahn asked that the minutes reflect that the group may want to consider metered parking near the Longhouse, and that Michel asked that the minutes reflect that the Longhouse expansion is a proposal at this point.


The group worked on specifying criteria to use in evaluating parking management options. The group tentatively agreed on the following criteria:

  • Cost. Cost could include implementation cost and on-going cost of operation.
  • Convenience. Convenience would include short lines or no lines, ease of payment, good flow of traffic.
  • Aspects of use. These could include whether the system:

    • supports a tiered parking system where different fees would provide access to different parts of the lot,
    • can be easily adapted for event parking,
    • provides ease of loading/unloading, and
    • is welcoming to visitors to campus.
  • Safety


The group discussed some of the options in the consultant's preliminary report. Each of the options in the consultant's report bundles together several distinct elements (for instance, an option may or may not include gates, parking meters, the parking booth, etc.) The group agreed that it would be useful to unbundle these elements and discuss them each separately. Elements in a parking management plan might include:

  • Gates
  • A parking booth
  • Tiered parking, with different fees for different areas of the lot.
  • Plans for event parking
  • Mandatory parking fees as a condition of enrollment and/or employment.
  • Parking meters

Tiered Parking

The group began to discuss the idea of tiered parking in greater detail. Doug said that students might like the option of paying a lower fee in exchange for parking further away. John said that in order for a tiered system to work, the parking staff would need the flexibility to adjust either the size of the tiers or the cost to ensure that demand for a section of the lot did not exceed supply. He wondered whether the current configuration of the lots would provide enough flexibility for adjusting the size of tiers. Steve wondered if tiered parking might be perceived as a break from an egalitarian tradition. John suggested that the issue of keeping parking affordable for people with limited incomes is distinct from the issue of paying more for a better parking spot.

Plan for community input

The group agreed to hold two or three public forums to collect community input on the criteria and options under consideration. The forums will be scheduled during the week of November 6. One of the forums will be held in the early evening. After the forums, the group will begin to draft a recommendation. The draft will be put on the web site and additional comments sought before it is finalized.

Next meeting

The DTF will meet again on Wednesday, October 25 from 1:00 to 3:00 in Library 1505.