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The Parking DTF created six options to supplement the six options included in the Feasibility Study & Needs Analysis prepared by SCA Engineering. The options created by the DTF are described below. As of this posting (February 23, 2000), the DTF is investigating some of the options in more detail, weighing the pros and cons of all eleven options, and preparing to make a recommendation. To learn how to provide input to the DTF, return the DTF Home Page.

  • Option 7: Minor Reconfiguration of B, C, and F Lots
  • Total Net New Parking: 400 Stalls
  • Estimated cost: $400,000

Parking Option 7 involves eliminating the rounded areas at the end of each row of existing parking to create additional stalls, as well as removing the landscape "peninsulas" currently interspersed between groups of parking stalls. This option preserves the general character of the parking lots and allows retention of many of the trees in the current lots. It includes a ten-foot landscape strip, 22-foot aisle, and standard ninety-degree parking. Two-way circulation within the lot is provided. Perimeter parallel parking remains. All three of the College's lots are reconfigured under this option, providing additional parking at the northwest portion of the campus in Lot F. By including provisions for compact stalls in lots B and C, the total width of the landscape strip is wider (10-feet) than in Option 2 (6 feet).

  • Option 8: Parking on the Evergreen Parkway
  • Total Net New Parking: 380�520 Stalls
  • Estimated cost: $150,000

Option 8 involves closing one two-lane side of the Parkway and configuring this area to accommodate one-way, 45-degree angled parking. The DTF estimated that about 0.67 miles of the parkway would be needed for 380 additional parking stalls (0.94 miles for 520 stalls). There are also city busses that pass this area every thirty minutes. Barriers and signs would be installed to direct traffic. Shelter/shuttle stops would be built along this route.

  • Option 9: Build New Lot at Cooper Point Road and Evergreen Parkway
  • Total Net New Parking: ### Stalls
  • Estimated cost: $###

Option 9 would involve the purchase of the vacant lot at the SW corner of the Parkway (Kaiser) and Cooper Point Rd. A lot would be constructed on this site and a shuttle van would be purchased and staffed during peak use hours. Two different city bus routes service this area. This site has been recently cleared and filled.

  • Option 10: Purchase parking space from Capital Mall and shuttle to campus
  • Total Net New Parking: 100 - 150 Stalls
  • Estimated cost: $###

Option 10 involves renting space from Capital Mall and shuttling users to campus. Similar to Options 8 and 9, this would entail purchasing and staffing a shuttle van. Environmental impacts would be minimized because Capital Mall is already paved.

  • Option 11: Build a New Lot on Old "Soil Farm," the remediated land across from the college on Overhulse
  • Total Net New Parking: 70 � 80 Stalls
  • Estimated cost: $150,000

Option 11 would pave the open field behind the library building on Driftwood Road (where the soil remediation project was done). This would place parking on the north side of campus where parking options are currently limited. All of the negative impacts of a new lot-increased impervious surface, loss of habitat, and associated environmental impacts-would accompany this option.

  • Option 12: Reconfigure lots B and C.
  • Total Net New Parking: 360 Stalls
  • Estimated cost: $####

Option 12 consists of clearing the majority of B and C lots, with the exception of a few islands with trees, and restructuring the flow of the lots. The new layout of the lots calls for one-way twenty foot aisles, and eleven foot planting strips. The parking stalls would be forty-five degree angled stalls, standard size (nine feet wide by eighteen feet deep), except for a small percentage of compact stalls in each lot which would be eight feet wide.

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