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Parking Expansion DTF

From: Costantino, Art
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 1999 9:06 AM
To: All Staff & Faculty DL
Subject: Parking Expansion DTF

As most of you know, our parking lots are very congested. As we grow to 5,000 students by 2010-2011, our need for additional parking is likely to increase, and we will be required by code to add additional parking spaces as part of the construction of Seminar II. A consultant hired by the college estimates that to accommodate our growth we will need an additional 520 stalls, which is the approximate size of Parking Lot B. Since parking lot construction is funded from the sale of parking permits, the addition of these spaces is likely to result in dramatic increases in the cost of parking permits. Research done this summer suggests that adding 520 parking spaces could result in a doubling of the cost of a parking permit. The purpose of this e-mail is to update you on the process we have planned to address parking expansion issues.

I am convening a Parking Expansion Disappearing Task Force (DTF). The faculty, staff, and student members of the DTF include Wendy Freeman (chair), Thad Curtz, Michel George, Doug Hitch, Steve Huntsberry, Linda Kahan, Mark Lacina, Trevor Lytle, Masao Sugiyama, Timothy Quinn, and Bill Zaugg. The DTF is being charged to develop a plan to increase the number of parking spaces on campus, to consider options to reduce vehicular traffic on campus, to examine the current management and operation of our lots, to incorporate steps for the maintenance and repair of our current lots, and to forward a funding plan to support their proposals. The DTF is being asked to complete its work by February 1 and to engage in extensive consultation with the Evergreen community. The complete DTF charge can be found below.

At the same time that the DTF is doing its work, the college is seeking a change in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). Currently, Evergreen's parking fees are published as part of WAC 174-116-040. Any revisions to the WAC, including any changes in Evergreen's parking fees, must be made through a process coordinated by the legislature's Office of the Code Reviser. Evergreen is the only college or university in the state that sets parking fees in this way. The proposed change removes specific parking fees from the WAC and creates a process that the college will use to set parking fees in the future. The proposed process calls for a public hearing on campus on parking fees and the delegation of the authority to set parking fees to the president of the college. The current WAC and proposed WAC can be obtained from my office. An on-campus hearing to discuss the changes in the WAC is set for November 10 from 4:00 to 5:00 in Library 1612. Please note that the issues under consideration at the November 10 hearing do not include the plan for parking expansion or amount of proposed increases in parking fees. Recommendations for changes in these areas are part of the DTF's charge.

I encourage you to remain attentive to the development of parking plans and to provide input when called upon by the DTF. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

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