Committees & DTFs

Space Management Committee

The successful planning, utilization, and assignment of campus space requires responsible management. The Vice President for Finance and Administration, in order to ensure that space is effectively and efficiently used, charges the Space Management Committee to fulfill this responsibility.

Committee Structure

The committee will include the Director of Facilities and the Academic Dean responsible for academic space allocation who will co-chair the committee. Other committee members include: one representative appointed by the President, one representative each appointed by the Vice President for Advancement, the Vice President for Student Affairs, and the Vice President for Finance and Administration, and the Director of Housing. The Space Management Committee is advisory to Senior Staff through the Vice President for Administration.

The Space Management Committee is responsible for strategic and long range space utilization planning and is responsible for the allocation and assignment of all non-residential college facilities. The Committee must approve all requests involving a) changes in dimensional space e.g., physical expansion or contraction of fixed wall workspace and/or b) changes in the functional usage of space e.g., from classroom usage to office usage. All space requests for changes in assignments, remodeling, leasing, exchanges, sales, or trades are subject to prior approval by the Space Management Committee. To review the process and complete the SRI request form click this link SRI Process. The director of housing is responsible for space scheduling and assignment of all residential facilities.

The principal dean or director shall petition the Space Management Committee for all dimensional or functional space changes. The Space Management Committee will meet at least every two months, with more frequent meetings as required, to review such petitions. The Committee will review petitions and asses their feasibility and compatibility with overall campus space needs using the appropriate campus planning documents as guidelines e.g., the Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan. Petitions may be approved as requested, returned for review of suggested alternatives, or rejected. The Space Management Committee must approve all remodeling or construction requests before funds are request through the capital budget process. The decisions of the committee may be appealed to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

For more information regarding the Space Management Committee please contact the Assistant to the Director of Facilities Services at (360) 867-5135.