Committees & DTFs

Space Management Committee

Small Repair and Improvement Projects (SRI's)

SRI requests are submitted to the Space Management Committee every fiscal year. Committee members solicit requests from the different divisions on campus during the Fall quarter. Under special circumstances, requests may also be submitted outside the annual cycle. Available funding for SRI projects is determined by the Director of Facilities Services and dependent upon the Capital Budget funded by the legislature.

Process for Developing and Submitting a Request

  1. Director of the unit works with his/her staff to develop the project proposal. A SRI request form (Word file) or (PDF file) shall be completed for each project request.
  2. Director takes project proposal and meets with Facilities Staff, Space Committee and anyone else needed to determine an approximate cost estimate and feasabililty of the project (formal estimate not needed at this step).
  3. Director submits final project proposal with approximate cost estimate for review and approval by the Vice President of his/her division.
  4. Vice President authorizes approval and assigns divisional priority, identifies divisional funding if applicable and forwards the proposal to the designated divisional Space Management committee representative.
  5. Divisional Space Management committee representative submits all requests received to the Space Management Committee Chair.
  6. Committee Chair determines if projects meet SRI funding criteria and compiles those requests that meet the criteria and presents them to the Committee. If a request is better suited for different funding, the divisional committee representative is informed by the Director and the request is processed in the most appropriate method (for example, if a project request is a maintenance issue, it will be processed through the work order center, or projects that meet health and safety code requirements will be assigned to the Project Office and the project is funded from the Health, Safety and Code capital funds).
  7. The Space Management committee reviews the SRI project list and prioritizes the campus wide list of projects. The committee reviews projects to insure they meet the goals and guidelines of Evergreen's strategic plan, the campus master plan and the ten year capital plan.
  8. The Director prepares a priority based campus wide SRI project list and requests that the Project Office verify and/or modify the cost estimates to be more accurate, detailed estimates are created up to the SRI funds budgeted for the year.
  9. Space Management committee reviews the updated SRI project list (may include updated estimates). The prioritized list is agreed upon and a recommendation is sent to the Vice President for Finance and Administration from the committe Chair and Co-chair.
  10. Vice President for Finance and Administration presents the Committee's recommendation to Senior Staff and may authorize the Vice President to proceed as is or with modifications. The Vice President may also request additional information before authorization is granted.
  11. Upon receiving authorization from the Vice President, the Director of Facilities submits the authorized project list to the Assistant Director of Project Management so that an Evergreen Project Manager can be assigned to the various projects.

Out of cycle requests shall follow the same process as above. The committee will review out of cycle submittals and evaluate their priority against those on the list of authorized projects and will determine where on the list to place the project if funding is available.

Type of Projects

  • SRI projects are Capital Program projects.
  • Each project must cost $25,000 or less.
  • Program (minor works) projects' primary purpose is to accomplish a program goal including but not limited to: improving the quality of existing space; reconfiguring or altering the use of existing space; and/or adding space. Projects shall reflect Evergreen's programs, functional activities; the geographic location of facilities; and/or Evergreen's strategic goals.