Student Affairs

Student Affairs Sustainability Committee

The Student Affairs Sustainability Committee believes that small things add up to big change

We welcome your ideas and sustainability tips to share. 

Goals of the Student Affairs Sustainability Committee 2011-2012:

  • Act as an educational force within student affairs to keep the division informed about new sustainability initiatives in the division.
  • Help educate students and staff about waste diversion as the college moves towards zero waste by 2020.
  • Share with the division the AASHE STARS indicators.
  • Create ways to explore the connections  between Social Justice and Sustainability.

Action Items to Achieve Goals Include:

1)   Newsletter with sustainability tips and highlights distributed to Student Affairs
2)   Organizing engaging, sustainability-focused events for Orientation Week and Faculty Summer Institutes
3)   Acting as sustainability consultants for offices within the Student Affairs Division to create change

* Key Objectives Leading Toward a Sustainable Future:

Become carbon neutral by 2020;
Become a zero waste college by 2020;