Student Affairs

Sustainability Tips

2008-09 Sustainability Newsletters

Sustainability Tips: small acts can add up to big change!

  • Recycle batteries, cell phones, and printer cartridges at the Evergreen Bookstore
    The Evergreen Bookstore has collection bins for the 'hard-to-recycle' items above. Batteries are properly disposed of, cell phones are collected and recycled for a small amount of cash to fund sustainability projects, and printer cartridges are recycled. All of this reduces our campus e-waste!
  • Green Tips on
    TreeHugger is an internet media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. It's a great site for green news, solutions, and product information.
  • Turn off office machines when not in use
  • Uncode your plastics
    When you recycle, check out the plastic grade and make sure it is recycleable with your collector
  • Be Green Signature Line
    Sometimes, people print emails and other documents out of old habit. Consider putting a reminder that not everything has to be printed in your signature line, for example: "Please consider the environment before printing this email because the first step is yours to take for a better tomorrow."
  • Dispose of Medications Correctly at Group Health
    Unused medications have a way of finding themselves into our aquatic systems. Group Health will accept outdated and unused medications, and even have a drop box outside the pharmacy which can be used whether or not you are a member.
  • Shop at Farmers Markets
    The produce is fresh, it builds community, and proceeds go directly to the farmers.