Committees & DTFs

Disappearing Task Forces (DTFs)

In addition to groups which have direct decision-making authority, the institution relies heavily on "disappearing task forces" (DTFs) to research, analyze and make recommendations on major policy and governance issues within the institution. Each year the president, vice presidents, and faculty agenda committee consult with one another in establishing the issues appropriate for formation of DTFs. Faculty members are expected to devote 20% of their time to governance and for many this comes through assignment to various DTFs. The faculty agenda committee reviews and approves faculty appointments to DTFs. Most DTFs include members from across the institution including the student body. Members are asked to serve based on unique expertise or diversity of viewpoint that they can bring to the deliberative process. The president and vice presidents have the authority to "charge" DTFs. In a written document they lay out a broad outline of the work to be accomplished. Often the committee will develop processes for broad consultation across the campus community in developing their recommendations.