Greener Commute / Commute Trip Reduction

About Commute Trip Reduction

Bike and car sharing the road at Evergreen

What CTR Stands For

CTR is the acronym that is used for Commute Trip Reduction here at the Evergreen State College, as well as by Washington State employers.

What is Commute Trip Reduction?

Commute Trip Reduction is a law that the Washington State Legislature passed in 1991. It requires large employers in affected counties to implement programs to reduce the number of people who drive to work or school alone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help significantly reduce the annual amount of air pollution, traffic congestion and energy consumption by facilitating safe and accessible alternative transportation options to the Evergreen community.

CTR Employee Benefits Program

To accomplish our mission, we have created an Employee Benefits Program. Permanent employees who use alternative commute methods are eligible for a variety of benefits including SAFE-Ride home, Parking Passports, and private showers and lockers.