Evaluations Guidelines for Faculty

Transcript Standards:

Section Headers:
Description and Narrative sections must include a header that identifies faculty author(s).

  • Example for Description: Faculty: Your Name, Ph.D, John Q. Elderberry, Ph.D, Alice J. Snowberry, Ph.D
  • Example for Narrative: Written by: Your Name, Ph.D.

Use the block quote tool within the textbox header (i.e. the double quote symbol) to highlight and format quotes within your evaluation.

Nicknames: If a student requests that you use a different name than the student's legal name, you must reference the legal name in the first sentence. An example: "Elizabeth (Lizzy) has grown over this past year in this program." You may refer to the nickname in the parentheses throughout the rest of the narrative evaluation.

Evaluation Checkpoint Criteria:
Please see the attached evaluation checkpoint criteria for submitting evaluations of students to the Program Secretaries.

Description Content: 
Descriptions should be consistent for all students enrolled in the same terms and number of credits. While unique descriptions may be added for unique student experiences, all students with the same experiences and expectations should start with the same descriptions.

Individual Contracts should include a “Contract Description” that explains what the student did over the quarter. All descriptions of contracts should include a title for the contract (which should be mutually agreed upon by student and faculty) that is bolded within the description. This section includes student's activities, learning objectives, books read, movies reviewed, etc.

Narrative Content:
Do not reference grades or similar terms, or make any comments related to reduced credit or no credit being given. (refer to section 7.620, Evaluation Writing, in the Faculty Handbook)

For Individual Contracts, include Field Supervisor evaluation comments within your evaluation of the student by cutting and pasting or typing excerpts from the evaluation emailed from the Field Supervisor.