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The procedures for application and rules governing travel awards are outlined in Article 17 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement By and Between The Evergreen State College and United Faculty of Evergreen.

Article 17: Faculty Development and Travel

17.1 Introduction. This Article addresses sponsored research, summer institutes and workshops, professional travel, faculty exchanges and rotations, and externally funded grants and awards.

17.1.1 Faculty members must meet the eligibility requirements in Article 15 to participate in the development opportunities described in this Article.
17.1.2 Paid and unpaid professional leave not taken in conjunction with a sponsored research award is addressed separately in Article 16.
17.1.3 Participation in faculty development opportunities is limited to the equivalent of full-time work as explained in Section 12.3.

17.4 Faculty Professional Travel. Beginning with the 2012-13 academic year, the College will establish an annual pool of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) for professional travel as provided in this section.

17.4.1 All regular and adjunct faculty members, excluding administrative faculty and those faculty members on administrative assignment, are eligible for faculty travel funds. Faculty travel funds are available for faculty to attend and/or present work at a conference, meeting, exhibition, screening performance or workshop or for professional work associated with that faculty member’s position as a member of a governing board of a professional organization. Decisions regarding the allocation of travel funds will be made by the dean whose desk assignments include budget and faculty travel. The maximum amount of professional travel funding available to each individual faculty member on an annual basis is one thousand dollars ($1,000). The amount of funding shall be prorated for faculty members working less than full-time. Regular faculty members, and adjunct faculty members with appointments lasting for an entire biennium, may be permitted to combine their travel funds for the entire biennium for use during either the first or second year of the biennium.
17.4.2 Adjunct faculty members may use travel funds only while on contract.
17.4.3 Faculty members may receive all or part of the costs of transportation and conference, meeting, exhibition, screening performance or workshop fees.
17.4.4 Faculty members may receive per diem at the currently approved rate, if requested, for travel primarily intended for the faculty member's presentation of his or her previously prepared work at a conference, meeting, exhibition, screening, performance or workshop, or for professional work associated with that faculty member's position as a member of a governing board of a professional organization. Per diem is not available for mere participation in meetings as a respondent or improvising panelist.
17.4.5 Faculty professional travel funds are limited and the College cannot guarantee funding for all requests. In general, travel requests are considered on first-come, first served basis. In case of limited funds and to the extent possible, preference will be given to:

(a) Faculty members who are presenting work or serving in a leadership role, rather than just attending a conference, meeting, exhibition, screening, performance or workshop.
(b) Faculty members who have used travel funds less extensively.

17.4.6 A faculty member may request funding for more than one purpose per year.
17.4.7 Requests for funding from the faculty travel budget shall be sent to the budget dean at least three (3) weeks in advance, particularly for out-of-state and international travel.
17.4.8 Individual faculty members may be given other travel opportunities to represent the College for a variety of efforts. These travel opportunities shall not affect a faculty member’s eligibility for travel for professional development.

How to apply for professional travel funds

Fill out and submit the Professional Travel Request Form at The form will prompt you for an event description, place and dates of travel, benefits to faculty member and the member’s work, costs for registration, transportation, and per diem if applicable.

Upon your return, your program secretary can help you complete your A-20 expense vouchers.

Plan ahead, and allow as much time as possible for processing. For up to date information, and how to apply, contact Emmie Forman at ext. 6757.