Office for Diversity Affairs and Equal Opportunity

Disabilty-Related Services

Evergreen works to ensure that people with disabilities are able to access its college-supported activities, programs and information technology. To that end, the college has established policies and empowered staff to identify and address the needs of those in our community with disabilities.

Related Policies

Access Services

The Access Services Office provides services and support for students with disabilities.  The staff work to remove physical, programmatic and attitudinal barriers to ensure equal access to college services, programs and activities for students with disabilities. Their collaborative approach is designed to empower students by promoting self-reliance and self advocacy.  It is a goal of the Access Services staff to invite and celebrate diversity within the college community. 

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Advisory Committee

The mission of the ADA Compliance Advisory Committee is to promote a barrier-free environment at Evergreen – one that facilitates equal opportunities and access for people with disabilities. This committee works to eliminate physical, programmatic, policy, informational and attitudinal barriers, while supporting Evergreen in meeting its obligations under federal and state statutes. The committee’s efforts complement the ongoing work of staff and faculty throughout the college who are identifying and addressing compliance and accessibility issues.  Click here for more information.

Barrier Breakers

The Barrier Breakers is a registered Evergreen student organization by and for students with disabilities.  Its mission is “Enabling people with different abilities to obtain physical, technological, environmental, and especially educational access throughout The Evergreen State College communities. We will encourage the development of self identity. We intend to create a safe, accessible, 100% inclusive, universally designed, and innovative and always a person first disability second environment. As change agents we will learn to work as a team, discuss and advocate together for rights as individuals, and become more inclusive in our many communities.”

Watch the YouTube video.  Anyone interested in access to education is welcome to participate. For more information, email to:

The Assistive Technology Lab & Accessibility Stations

The AT Lab is the primary location for accessible information technologies for students with disabilities at Evergreen.  Other accessibility stations are distributed across the college, including the Tacoma Campus. Located in Library 2318, the AT Lab currently has three Windows PC stations.  Two stations are in the main room of the lab, and one is located in a separate room for quiet and privacy.  The AT Lab and its resources are available for use during all regular library hours.  Use is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Appointments for P2P user support can be made with lab interns.  To arrange for sustained education and training on the equipment, contact the Access Services Office at 867-6348.  Software supported in the AT Lab includes:

  • Kurzweil 3000 - reading and comprehension
  • Jaws 9 - screen reader
  • Dragon 10 - speech to text
  • Zoomtext 9.1 - screen magnifier
  • Inspiration 8 - concept mapping

For a complete list of accessibility stations across the college, click here.