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First Break

Publisher: Fan Light Production
Format: VHS
Runtime: 60 min
Captions: No

Documents the impact of the "first break" of mental illness on three young people in their teens and early twenties, as well as the effects on their families.

The Ramp of Hope

Publisher: Action Technology
Format: VHS
Runtime: 6 minutes
Captions: no

The Ramp of Hope is a social statement against stereotypical discrimination of people with disabilities. Action Technology in no way intends to imply that assistance is frowned upon, but suggests that condescending attitudes such as those depicted are unacceptable in today's society.

Tell Them I'm a Mermaid

Publisher: Prop. of Disable Student Group
Format: VHS
Runtime: 23 mins
Captions: No

"The children in shopping centers always ask, 'What's wrong with your legs?' You know what I say to them? I tell them 'I'm a mermaid!'" Seven extraordinary women with physical disabilities relate their stories in this original musical-theater "documentary."

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