Office for Diversity Affairs and Equal Opportunity

Diversity Video Library

Suggest a Film for the Collection

The Diversity Video Library collection serves as an educational resource to the college community, in support of the President’s Diversity Fund Committee mission. The Committee has set aside funds to add films to this collection. We invite you to suggest films that you believe would make good additions.

The Mission

The mission of the President’s Diversity Fund Committee is to reinforce an inclusive college climate and encourage more equitable institutional practices. We do this by providing support for programs and activities that educate the Evergreen community about diversity and equity, work that:

  • Raises awareness about issues of individual and institutional oppression and discrimination
  • Promotes strategies to increase equity in our personal relationships, community affairs, and institutional operations
  • Provides opportunities for faculty, staff and students to develop the understanding, knowledge, ability to function well as a multicultural learning community.

Before Suggesting We Acquire a Film

Before suggesting we acquire a film, please verify that the film is not already owned by the college by checking both the Evergreen Library and the Diversity Video Lending Library.

Keep the following criteria in mind as you consider films to recommend.

  • The film’s educational value should be timely. 
  • The film’s educational value should be enduring. 
  • The film must be available for purchase with educational screening rights (the right to show the film to audiences for educational purposes without an admission fee as often as we want).