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Faces & Places of Washington State-Nalini Nadkasni

Publisher: TVW
Format: VHS
Captions: No

2007 Summer Lecture Series: "Reflections on 25 years of Rainforest Studies" with Nalini Nadkarni, Faculty.

Making a CPS Referral: A Guide for Mandated Reporters

Publisher: Washington State DSHS
Format: VHS
Runtime: 21 minutes
Captions: yes

An explanation of the Washington State mandatory reporting law on child abuse.

Rabbit in the Moon

Publisher: Emiko Omori, Sundance Film Award Winner
Format: VHS
Runtime: 85 mins
Captions: No

A documentary/memoir about the lingering effects of the World War II interment of the Japanese American community. Interwoven is the story of two sisters, both former internees, filmmaker Emiko Omori and writer Chizuko Omori, who questioned the absence of this vital history in their lives while searching for the memory of their mother. Includes historical footage and accounts from Japanese American who experienced interment and fought against it."

When We Were Kids, We Went to War

Publisher: Bristol Production
Format: VHS
Runtime: 2 hrs
Captions: No

When We Were Kids...We Went to War is a powerful video for the classroom that shows the personal side of war as presented by WWII Veterans and civilians in their own words and from their unique viewpoint. History books tell us the names dates and places, while these people tell us about their feelings, thoughts, and everyday lives during the war. This documentary connects today's student with the fact that history is real, and the men and women who fought the war were real people about their age when they were called into service. --from

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