5.1 Surround Mix Lab | The Evergreen State College

5.1 Surround Mix Lab

LIB 1328 5.1 Surround Mixing Lab

***This space is currently in the midst of an equipment refresh, and will reopen in Fall Quarter 2016. The equipment listing and description will be updated in the near future.***

The 5.1 Mix room is part of the Center for Creative and Applied Media. This room is a hybrid of a media classroom and a mixing control room. It is set up for mixing in stereo and 5.1 surrounds sound; this space is not intended for tracking or recording. The room has a data projector, an Apple Mac Pro computer, a S-VHS deck, a DV-CAM deck and a DVD-Video/ DVD-Audio/ SA-CD combo deck. There is also a LCD HDTV which is connected to the computer via HDMI and can be used as a monitor with Final Cut Pro or After Effects.

For more information, contact Patrick LaBahn at (360) 867-5277 or the Audio intern at (360) 867-5848. Studio use is for academic work only.


Hardware: Computer Equipment: Software:
Tascam US-2400 controller Mac Pro Dual 2.8GHz Quad Core Adobe After Effects
Grace m906 monitor system Digidesign DIGI003r Interface Adobe Design Premium
Panasonic S-VHS deck MOTU HD192 Interface Apple Final Cut Pro
Pioneer DV-79 DVD player Bias Peak
Samsung HD-TV Digidesign Pro Tools LE
Sony DSR-11 DV-CAM deck MOTU Digital Performer
Native Instruments Komplete
Waves IR-L
Waves Platinum Bundle