Music Technology Classes

Intro To Electronics in Music

During this three quarter class, students become proficient in Music Technology Labs 343 and 344 and produce two pieces of music each quarter. The class begins with studio signal flow and analog tape machines. During fall quarter, students begin studying FM synthesis using the analog synthesizers. After acquiring a base knowledge of the analog devices, the students are introduced to digital audio and MIDI sequencing. During winter quarter students begin to elaborate on their composition skills and learn to edit synthesizer patches with software.

Electronics in Music

This Class offers an advanced look at FM synthesis, MIDI voice/effects processor editing, virtual analog synthesis, digital audio/MIDI sequencing and integrating multiple computer applications for virtual studio scenarios. In Lab 346 students are introduced to different mixing formats such as quadraphonic and Dolby 5.1.

Music Computers and MIDI

This intensive summer class is designed to bring new students up to the level of those who have completed Intro to Music Technology. In the five weeks, students gain proficiency and produce two pieces of music by the end of the fifth week. The class is focused on digital audio and MIDI sequencing as well as taking quick looks at other technologies in the Labs.

Another way to gain access to the labs is by becoming a contract student. Read more about this on the Evergreen web site.

If you have further questions about access or the studios in general please contract the MTL intern at (360) 867-6862 or talk to Peter Randlette at or (360) 867-6279.