Music Technology FAQ

When are the labs open? When can I come check them out?
On Wednesdays from 1pm - 5pm consulting time is held in the labs. This is the best time to come ask questions and observe students in action. The most common way to gain access to the music technology labs is by enrolling in a part-time studies course at Evergreen. All work done in the labs must be academic and students must complete a 'proficiency test' before scheduling studio time. Visit for more information about the college in general.

If I am in a class and have access, how much time per week can I spend in the labs?
If you are in Intro To Music Tech or Hybrid Music, you will usually get two 4-hour blocks of time per week. If the schedule isn't completely full, then it may be possible to snag more time.

Are there any Workstudy or Internship positions involved with the labs?
Yes. There is an intern who handles several duties including scheduling and maintenance. There are also one or two lab aide positions available each year.

Who do I talk to to get more information about these labs?
You may contact the MTL intern at (360) 867-6862 or contact Peter Randlette at or (360) 867-6279.