Questions About Process for Faculty

FAQ for Faculty

Faculty/Student Assignment: Registration List

If I'm teaching a two- or three- quarter team-taught program do I have to fill out a new roster each quarter?

Yes. There are many reasons for this. Since students rotate to a different seminar leader each quarter, we will need to be aware of who is writing the evaluation at any point the student may exit the program. Any new students that enters the program will need to be assigned faculty responsibility in the Banner system. And, in cases where new faculty join a program midstream, their assigned students will need to be updated in Banner as well.

If my teaching partner and I are doing evaluations jointly, can the evaluation system note that we are both responsible for each student evaluation?

No. The Banner system can only list one faculty as responsible for each student evaluation.

Student Self-Evaluations

What if I require that the student turn in a self-evaluation at the end of the quarter or he/she will receive reduced credit and the student does not turn in his/her self-evaluation to me at the conference?

If faculty set the requirement in their syllabus/covenant that they will reduce credit if the self-evaluation is not done by the time of the faculty/student evaluation conference, then the faculty should hold true to this policy.

If students do not come prepared to the faculty/student conference with a self-evaluation then the faculty should make the student aware at that time that he/she will be receiving reduced credit and the faculty should follow through with turning in their evaluation of the student by the deadline date to the Program Secretary for processing.

Provided that the transcript has not been sent, Faculty will have the chance to change credit. If the student comes in 4 weeks later with a self-evaluation, the faculty can decide at that time whether or not to change the credit awarded.

If Faculty are going to set a requirement like this, then they should be ready to follow through with it at the end of the quarter.

Faculty evaluations of students should not be left undone or on hold due to students not turning in their self-evaluations.

Faculty Evaluation of Student: Template

The blank evaluation template provided is one page, does this mean my description and evaluation must fit on one page?

No. Your description and evaluation can be as long as you so choose; however, the suggested length for a full-time program is two pages per quarter including the description and evaluation. The template is one page because it is empty. For courses, the suggested length is one page (a short paragraph for the description and a short paragraph for the evaluation is recommended).