Student Self-Evaluation

What is a Student Self-Evaluation?

At the end of each offering students write self-evaluations that include their observations and reflections of their learning.

The current policy for student self-evaluations states all students are required to write self-evaluations and have the option to submit them to their transcripts. Faculty may not require students to include their self-evaluations in their transcript.

Students are not permitted to remove self-evaluations from their completed transcripts once they are submitted to Registration & Records.

Write the Student Self-Evaluation:

Go to my.evergreen.edu. Your @evergreen.edu login is required and allows you to save draft evaluations to a secure location, then return and make changes and/or submit them to faculty or your transcript (optional).

Want feedback as you write your evaluation?

The Writing Center values the student's voice in the evaluation process and recommends individual consultation with peer tutors to discuss the art of drafting effective evaluations. For more information about writing your Self-Evaluation, visit the Writing Center.