Evening & Weekend Studies

Evergreen at Grays Harbor

The Evergreen State College offers a unique educational experience at Grays Harbor College (GHC). Each quarter, we offer a program conveniently scheduled on weekends and taught by Evergreen faculty on the Grays Harbor campus. 

The focus of the Grays Harbor program changes from year to year but centers on interdisciplinary management, leadership, and the health of individuals, communities, and organizations. Students benefit from meaningful instruction as they develop critical thinking and analytical skills, refine problem-solving techniques, and become effective team players. You can complete your bachelor's degree without leaving the Harbor!

The program was begun in 2000 with the stated objective of giving students who have graduated from GHC the opportunity to obtain a bachelor in liberal arts without having to leave that campus, but the program is open to all Evergreen students and often includes a broad mix of students from beyond the Grays Harbor area.


Health from the Inside Out

In the 2014-2015 academic year, Rebecca Chamberlain and Cindy Beck are teaching an 8 credit program titled Health from the Inside Out,  which will explore the human experience and health from the inside out. Topics include what can we do to achieve healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. The program will combine science and humanities,  and will look at our relationships to food, family, community, culture, movement, fitness, and the environment.  The full description is available in the online catalog.

This 8 credit program meets from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.. on various Saturdays and Sundays each quarter.

Sports in American Culture

In Fall quarter 2014 Cindy Beck will be teaching a 4 credit course that will examine how competitive sports bring communities together to create regional and national identity.  The course will introduce students to the statistical process, as well as discuss issues such as gender, race, and politics.  For a full description, check the online catalog.

This 4 credit course meets Mondays 6 p.m. to 10 p.m..