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Lab II 2nd Floor Renovation by July 22, 2014 2:00pm

Tenant improvement to existing laboratory wing in Lab II building including the construction of a science lab, a printmaking lab, a fine metals lab, a dedicated art studio and associated support spaces.

Demolition work:

Demolition work includes, but is not limited to, removal of all existing interior walls, doors, frames, relites, casework, ceilings, & flooring, plumbing fixtures, utilities, mechanical equipment and ducts, electrical equipment, lighting and conduit as indicated on plans.  Hazardous material abatement is required

New construction:

Architectural work consists of construction of new metal stud walls with gypsum board, doors, relites, casework, toilet partitions and accessories, lay-in and suspended gypsum ceilings, and specialty furnishings as noted on plans.

Mechanical work consists of new plumbing fixtures, hoods, ducting and utilities. Work will require roof penetrations and roof equipment supports.

Electrical work consists of new power, data, A/V and lighting.

For alternates to scope of work, see Specification Section 01 23 00 “Alternates”

Lab II 2nd Floor Renovation Ad for Bid (AD)

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