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Architectural Consultant Services for Residence Hall Master Plan - Submittal Date: Friday June 19, 2015 by 3:00 PM

Residence Hall Master Plan Consultant 


The Evergreen State College is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced architectural or engineering firms for professional services to develop and prepare master planning for the student residences on campus.

The Evergreen State College is a public, liberal arts and sciences college located in Olympia, Washington. The college currently maintains about 1.4 million square feet of residential facilities on 1000 acres at the southern end of Puget Sound. 

Currently, 850 students live on campus, but the capacity of the residences is approximately 900 students. The current trends include reaching close to capacity in the fall, with a gradual departure of students from residences for the remainder of the academic year. This lowers income and leaves a significant amount of housing capacity unused.

Many of the buildings were constructed in the early seventies, with significant additional apartment style buildings added in the mid to late eighties. The original structures require significant and costly upgrades to extend their useful life and do not comply with today’s accessibility standards.

As a small auxiliary housing organization (funded primarily with student rent), the college is seeking help in planning for a financially sustainable future where student on-campus housing needs are met.

The local housing rental market is not one of high costs for tenants, creating an upper limit on what students will pay for boarding at Evergreen. A mandatory student fee makes local transit bus use free for students, further lowering the cost of living in private housing while attending here as students. Prohibitions on alcohol and drug use on campus may also be contributing to student decisions to leave campus in favor of living off campus

The college is seeking a consultant with demonstrable expertise in student housing architecture, market and financial analysis to prepare a comprehensive and sustainable Residential and Dining Services Master plan.

The Evergreen State College contracts directly for professional services.  Services will begin immediately upon selection in mid- August 2015 and conclude by April 1, 2016. Contains voluntary MWBE Goals of 10% MBE and 8% WBE.

Scope of Services

The College has identified the following services as needed and to be included:

1.     Financial Analysis

Provide a detailed financial analysis to include how revenue is likely to be affected by enrollment, local housing market conditions, and the changes that you recommend for college housing.  Include a complete analysis using your recommended changes in housing facilities and operations.

Prepare an assessment of the role the existing residence hall structures in the overall success of the Evergreen campus has in student recruiting and retention. Also, recommend how that role could be enhanced in the future through reconstruction and modified space use, new programming options, differential rates and live-in requirements, alignment with academic initiatives, or other means to improve efficacy.

Currently, Residential and Dining Services operates as one auxiliary department. An analysis should explore the current practices with the dining contract and make recommendations about how to utilize the dining aspect of the residential experience to possibly create more revenue.

The report shall include:

  • A description of changes needed for housing, including demolition, repair improvement, and new construction, with each stage of improvement on a time line.
  • Complete financial analysis, including debt load and terms, cash flow, risk analysis (What is the sensitivity to higher costs or lower revenues than expected?), operating costs, present worth, life cycle costs, etc.
  • Exploring creative solutions that include Public Private Partnerships and other funding options.

The basis of the report shall be, at a minimum:

  • An analysis of the existing, local rental real estate market that is available to and used by students.
  • The results of further study and demonstrable existing expertise in national student housing and trends.
  • Conducting interviews and focus groups with Evergreen students to help understand any unique demands or differences in Evergreen students compared to national trends.
  • Explanations for recommended costs associated with work needed, and descriptions of that work. Cost estimates shall be sufficiently detailed so that future readers can discern what the cost covers so that reasonable budgeting of the whole or a portion of the work can be discerned.
  • Expertise in architectural trends and master planning for four-year higher education residential facilities, including construction methods and costs.

2.     Facility Analysis

Examine existing residence halls to develop recommendations on repair, potential renovation and/or new construction.  Assessment shall include review of Owner documentation of maintenance and repair issues and prior studies.  Options to be considered shall include, but not be limited to the replacement of: (1) all of the first year residence halls (A-D buildings), and (2) renovations/replacements of the apartments and modular apartments.  The Consultant shall provide cost-benefit analyses on each of these options and make recommendations on the time line(s) for this work to be completed.  The time lines shall include options for phasing the work.

The Consultant shall provide itemized costs for each aspect and phase of renovation and/or new construction and definitions of project items that must be pursued in combination. The Consultant shall analyze the available funding and project delivery methods for the recommended renovation or new construction. The Consultant shall provide the advantages and disadvantages of each option including up-front costs, timing, impacts on the existing student housing inventory, and impacts on infrastructure and utilities. The Consultant shall produce a recommended plan to achieve the necessary renovations and/or new construction. The Consultant shall provide concept drawings for all proposed renovations and/or new construction.

Proposal Submission Requirements

Interested firms shall submit six (6) sets to Azeem Hoosein PE, PMP, LEED AP, Assistant Director for Planning and Construction of Facilities Services, The Evergreen State College, Office of Facilities Services, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Lab II Building, Suite 1254, Olympia, Washington, 98505

In order to be considered for the project an interested firm shall submit a dated cover letter with the signature of a representative of the firm authorized to negotiate contracts. 

The proposal will be submitted on 8-1/2 by 11 inch paper.  A “page” is one side of the sheet of paper.  The total document should not exceed 25 pages.  Pictures are not included in the page count of this document. There will be a table of contents.  The sections are as follows:

           1. Firm experience (4 pages maximum, 10 points)

Summarize experience of the firm with master plans of similar type and scope for which the firm is the firm of record.


Project Type:              Campus master plan, master plan update, etc.

Project Scope:            The GSF of the existing facilities and the GSF of the master planned facilities

Project Manager:        The person responsible to the client for the overall success of the master plan

Project Architect:       The person responsible for coordinating the day to day work of the master planning team

Project Designer:        The person responsible for the master plan design concepts

Consultants:                Person(s) responsible for specialized areas such as the academic master plan, landscape, transportation, or utilities, etc.

Project role:                The role within the architect’s team – project manager, project architect, etc.

Use the following format for each project:

Project name, Owner or Client with contract information

Project type, Project scope, Date of Completion

Project Manager, Project Designer, Project Architect


Narrative on the project:  Describe how the master plan is similar and why your experience is relevant to this project.

          2. Project Architectural Team (4 pages maximum, 10 points)

Provide the name of the project manager, project designer, project architect, and residential planner (with higher education experience) who will be assigned to this project.  Describe their responsibilities on this project.  Provide the names of other key members of your project team.  Provide the average percentage of each team member’s time available for this project for the duration of the project.  Provide the relevant project experience of each person.

Use the following format:

Person’s name, project role, percentage of time available for this project

Education, registration, years employed with the firm

Years of experience as “project role” (same role as for this project)

Narrative description of the person’s project responsibility.  Describe his/her project role as structured within your firm and within this particular project team.

Use the following format for each person’s relevant experience:

Project name, Owner or Client

Project type, Project Scope, Date of Completion

Project role

Narrative on the project: describe how the project is similar and why the person’s experience is relevant

For projects, which are the same as in Section 1, provide the “Project Name” only and say “refer to Section 1”, and provide the person’s project role.  For personal experience, that is experience with another firm, put a double asterisk (**) after the project name

            3. Consultant Team (3 pages maximum, 10 points)

Provide the name of each consultant including the consultant who will be tasked with the financial analysis.  Describe his/her responsibility on this project.  Provide the average percentage of his/her time available for this project during the duration of the project.  Provide the relevant project experience of each person.

Use the following format:

    Person’s name, project role, percentage of time available for this project

    Education, registration

    Years of experience as “project role” (same as role for this project)

    Firm name, years employed with firm

Narrative description of the person’s project responsibility.  Describe his/her project role as structured within your firm and within this particular project team.

Use the following format for each person’s relevant experience:

Project name, Owner or Client

Project type, Project Scope, Date of Completion

Project role

Narrative on the project: describe how the project is similar and why the person’s experience is relevant

For projects which are the same as in Section 1, provide the “Project Name” only and say “refer to Section 1”, and provide the person’s project role.  For personal experience, that is experience with another firm, put a double asterisk (**) after the project name

            4.  Design Methodology/Examples (10 pages maximum, 10 points)

Explain the firm’s design methodology and approach to understanding the College’s goals and needs.  Focus on how you will interact with the various constituencies.  What are the aesthetic opportunities and challenges you perceive in this project?  Use no more than 3 pages for the narrative.

Provide examples via reproduction of drawings, color copies of photos or other means of your past work which you feel best expresses the firm’s aesthetic capabilities as it relates to this project.

            5.  Quality Control and Schedule Control Procedures (2 pages maximum, 10 points)

Describe the methods used by the firm to check the quality and completeness of the firm’s master planning documents, such as coordination check lists and coordination review meetings.  Also describe on-going processes used by the firm to improve its level of service.

Describe the methods used by the firm to maintain the project schedule

            6.  Firm Size and Workload (one page maximum, 5 points)

List current projects in progress, their size, phase, and estimated time of completion.  Include significant projects on hold, which may become active during this project.  List the firm’s total number of staff and their responsibilities (e.g., 2 project managers, 3 project architects, 5 drafters).  Where staff regularly performs multiple tasks, include them in the most responsible position for which they spend at least 25% of their time.  Provide a chart which shows the percentage of the firm’s total work-hour capacity that your current work represents and estimate the percentage of the total work-hour capacity that this project would represent.

            7.  Your ability and experience in preforming comprehensive financial analysis and give us examples of doing this type of consulting work on similar sized colleges.  (5 pages maximum, 10 points)

            8.  Past college work done at an institution under 5000 students (one page maximum, 5 points)

Summary of work performed for small institutions under 5000 students over the past 5 years.

            9.  Contract Service (one page maximum, 3 points)

            Is the firm locally owned and operated?

If not, how will the firm provide the contracted services?  Discuss in detail the firm’s operating and management strategy.

          10.  References (one page maximum, 4 points)

Provide at least four Owner/User references on the projects listed in Section 1 and/or significant projects listed in Section 2.  Only provide references for projects listed in Sections 1 and/or 2.  References will be checked for short listed firms.  Provide all of the following information for each reference.


Project Name

Owner’s Academic Rep Name, Title

Academic Rep’s Current Address

Academic Rep’s Current Phone Number

Owner’s Facilities Proj. Mgr. Name, Title

Facilities Proj. Mgr. Current Address

Facilities Proj. Mgr. Current Phone Number

Selection Process Schedule:

1.  Deadline for qualification submission:  June 19, 2015, 3 p.m. PST in the Facilities Services office Lab II, Suite 1254, 1 original and 6 copies.

2.  Interviews with short listed firms:   July 8 - July 14, 2015

3.  Award of contract:  August 19, 2015

4.  Final Draft of Residential and Dining Services Master Plan:  March 1, 2016

5.  Completed Master Plan:  April 1, 2016

Submittal Requests

Pedestrian Bridges Rehabilitation - Submittal Date: Thursday June 4th, 2015 by 3:00 PM

PROJECT MANAGER:  Richard J. Davis

TIME/DAY/DATE: Bid Proposals Must Be Received Prior To 3:00 P.M., Thursday, June 4, 2015

BID OPENING WILL BE HELD AT:            3:00 P.M., Thursday, June 4, 2015

LOCATION OF BID OPENING:   The Evergreen State College, Facilities Services Offices, Lab II Room 1254,  Olympia, WA   98505                                      

PRE-BID WALK-THROUGH: A pre-bid mandatory walk-through is scheduled on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. Please meet at The Evergreen State College, Lab II, Room 1254, Olympia.

SCOPE OF WORK: The project includes surface preparation, priming and painting of steel, coatings on concrete, some work on pedestrian lighting, installation of new joints between fixed sidewalks and bridges, caulking and other work to renew the aesthetics and extend the life of the bridges.

Contractors may view plans, specifications, addenda, and plan holders list for this project on-line through Builders Exchange of Washington, Inc. at http://www.bxwa.com. Click on: “bxwa.com”; “Posted Projects”; “Public Works”, The Evergreen State College”, and “Project Bid Date”.  Bidders are required to register as a bidder to receive automatic email notification of future addenda and to be placed on the bidders list at Builder’s Exchange. This service is provided free of charge to prime bidders, subcontractors, and vendors bidding this project. Contact Builders Exchange of Washington at (425) 258-1303 should you require further assistance.

Please direct questions regarding this project to the architect, Architects Rasmussen Triebelhorn, 9 Saint Helens Ave. Suite D, Tacoma, WA 98042, (253) 572-5511.  24 hours following bid opening, bid results will be available by calling The Evergreen State College at (360) 867-6700 to receive a fax copy.

Mandatory 0 % apprentice labor hours of the total labor hours  are a requirement of the construction contract.  Voluntary workforce diversity goals  for this apprentice  participation  are  identified in the Instructions to Bidders and Supplemental Conditions.  Bidders may contact the Department of Labor & Industries, Apprenticeship Section, to obtain information on available apprenticeship programs.

Voluntary numerical MWBE goals of 10% MBE and 8% WBE have been established for this project.  Achievement of the goals is encouraged.  However no minimum level of MWBE participation shall be required as a condition of contract award.  Bids will not be rejected or considered nonresponsive if they do not include MWBE participation.  Bidders may contact the Office of Minority and Womens Business Enterprise to obtain information on certified firms.

Projects currently bidding are posted on the Builder's Exchange website at www.bxwa.com.

Instructions: From the site, select Posted Projects, then Public Works, then Agree to terms and conditions, and then select The Evergreen State College link.   

Note: In order to down load the specs the Builder's Exchange plug-in is needed, instructions and installation links are found in the upper right hand corner of the main page on the Builder's Exchange website.