Utility Services

Utility Services staff of four operators and one supervisor operate the Central Utility Plant.

The CUP, as it is referred to, supplies heat for the buildings of main campus using three Cleaver-Brooks boilers. Two are 1000 horsepower water tube style boilers and one is a 350 horsepower fire-tube boiler. We also supply all the chilled water for air conditioning via one 500 ton and one 800 ton centrifugal chiller. The two large cooling towers, at the north side of the building, are part of this system. Domestic potable water, comprising the pump station and reservoirs, and compressed air are also the responsibility of the CUP.

We are currently working on energy cost reduction to help reduce college operating costs for utilities. We are investigating better combustion controls on our boilers, reducing the amount of steam leaks, and repairing steam traps. In addition, we always keep our minds open to opportunities and changes which might benefit the college.