Evergreen’s faculty members are distinguished both in scholarship and by their dedication to teaching.

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Photo Name Phone Location
Photo of Ackley, Kristina

Ackley, Kristina

(360) 867-6020 ackleyk Lab I 1011
Photo of Adams, Emily

Adams, Emily

(360) 867-6003 adamse Lab II 2225
Photo of Aguilar-Wells, Michelle

Aguilar-Wells, Michelle

(360) 867-6101 aguilarm Lab I 1026
Photo of Alexandria, Jehrin

Alexandria, Jehrin

(360) 867-6605 alexandj
Photo of Altstatt Menchaca, Tanya

Altstatt Menchaca, Tanya

Photo of Anderson, Nancy

Anderson, Nancy

(360) 867-6519 anderson Sem II B-3102
Photo of Anguelov, Lachezar (Lucky)

Anguelov, Lachezar (Lucky)

Photo of Aragon, Theresa

Aragon, Theresa

(360) 867-6840 aragont Sem II B-2104
Photo of Arney, Bill

Arney, Bill

(360) 867-6097 arney Lab II 3264
Photo of Arnold, Gina

Arnold, Gina

Photo of Arthur, Gary

Arthur, Gary

(360) 538-4209 arthurg Grays Harbor CC
Photo of Aurand, Susan

Aurand, Susan

Photo of Ba, Amadou

Ba, Amadou

(360) 867-6670 baa Lib 3809
Photo of Bacho, Peter

Bacho, Peter

(253) 680-3028 bachop Tacoma 132
Photo of Bailey, Marianne

Bailey, Marianne

(360) 867-6438 baileym Lab II 2262
Photo of Baldridge, John

Baldridge, John

(360) 867-6759 baldridj Sem II B-2102
Photo of Baldwin, Marc

Baldwin, Marc

(360) 867-5939 baldwinm Lab I 3019
Photo of Barlow, Clyde

Barlow, Clyde

(360) 867-6053 barlowc Lab II 0217
Photo of Baumunk, Jon

Baumunk, Jon

(360) 867-6150 baumunkj Sem II A-2102
Photo of Beck, Stephen

Beck, Stephen

(360) 867-5488 becks Sem II B-2119
Photo of Benitz, Maija

Benitz, Maija

Photo of Bennett, Gretchen

Bennett, Gretchen

Photo of Benson-Quaziena, Marcella

Benson-Quaziena, Marcella

(360) 867-6593 bensonm Sem II B-2106
Photo of Bess, Emilie

Bess, Emilie

Photo of Bigley, Richard

Bigley, Richard

(360) 867-6600 bigleyr
Photo of Bill, Denise

Bill, Denise

billd Reservation Based
Photo of Biswas, Abir

Biswas, Abir

(360) 867-6433 biswasa Lab II 2265
Photo of Bittle, Shauna

Bittle, Shauna

(360) 867-6280 bittles Lib 4014
Photo of Blackwell, Evan

Blackwell, Evan

(360) 867-6316 blackwee Lab II 3257
Photo of Blakeslee, Steve

Blakeslee, Steve

(360) 867-5740 blakesls Sem II B-2127
Photo of Blewett, Lori

Blewett, Lori

(360) 867-6590 blewettl Sem II B-2123
Photo of Bohmer, Peter

Bohmer, Peter

(360) 867-6431 bohmerp Lab II 2271
Photo of Boilini, Lauren

Boilini, Lauren

Expertise: painting, drawing, art history

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

(360) 867-6595 boilinil Sem II E-2102
Photo of Boome, Peter

Boome, Peter

(360) 867-5367 boomep Longhouse Longhouse 1102
Photo of Bopegedera, Dharshi

Bopegedera, Dharshi

(360) 867-6620 bopegedd Lab I 2006
Photo of Bowcutt, Frederica

Bowcutt, Frederica

(360) 867-6744 bowcuttf Lab II 3272
Photo of Brabban, Andrew

Brabban, Andrew

(360) 867-6157 brabbana Lab II 2261
Photo of Brownfield, Sally

Brownfield, Sally

Photo of Bruner, Bill

Bruner, Bill

Photo of Buchman, Andrew

Buchman, Andrew

(360) 867-6391 buchmana Com 356
Photo of Buxbaum, Stephen

Buxbaum, Stephen

(360) 867-6708 buxbaums Sem II B-3117
Photo of Calabria, Lalita

Calabria, Lalita

(360) 867-6415 calabril Lab I 1065C
Photo of Campbell, Sara Sunshine

Campbell, Sara Sunshine

Expertise: mathematics teacher education

(360) 867-5540 campbels Sem II E-3110
Photo of Campoverde, Janelle

Campoverde, Janelle

(360) 867-6605 keanej
Photo of Chalmers, Don

Chalmers, Don

(360) 867-6588 chalmerd Sem II B-2124
Photo of Chamberlain, Rebecca

Chamberlain, Rebecca

(360) 867-5845 chambreb Sem II B-2116
Photo of Chandra, Arun

Chandra, Arun

(360) 867-6077 arunc Com 308A
Photo of Chin-Leo, Gerardo

Chin-Leo, Gerardo

(360) 867-6514 chinleog Lab II 2274
Photo of Chowdary, Krishna

Chowdary, Krishna

(360) 867-6156 chowdark Lab II 3255
Photo of Chowdhury, Savvina

Chowdhury, Savvina

(360) 867-6594 chowdhus Sem II E-2106
Photo of Citrin, Laura

Citrin, Laura

(360) 867-6601 citrinl Sem II C-2102
Photo of Cline, Caryn

Cline, Caryn

(360) 867-6751 clinec Sem II C-2108
Photo of Cole, Rob

Cole, Rob

Expertise: physics

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

(360) 867-6651 rscole Sem II A3112
Photo of Coleman, Scott

Coleman, Scott

(360) 867-6130 colemans Lib 2017
Photo of Colley, Jamie

Colley, Jamie

(360) 867-6605 colleyj
Photo of Cook, Amy

Cook, Amy

(360) 867-6027 cooka Lab I 3065A
Photo of Coontz, Stephanie

Coontz, Stephanie

(360) 867-6703 coontzs Lab II 2273
Photo of Croman-Neelands, Kelly

Croman-Neelands, Kelly

Photo of Crowley, Lin

Crowley, Lin

(360) 867-6239 crowleyl Lib 2506
Photo of Cummings, Susan

Cummings, Susan

(360) 867-6588 cummings Sem II B-2124
Photo of Cunningham, Geoffrey

Cunningham, Geoffrey

(360) 867-5759 cunningg Sem II D-2108
Photo of Damonte, Devon

Damonte, Devon

Expertise: experimental animation, media studies, visual arts

Related Subjects: Media Arts Visual Arts Media and Film

Photo of Davidson, Amanda

Davidson, Amanda

Photo of Davies, Jon

Davies, Jon

(360) 867-6619 daviesj Sem II A-3110
Photo of Davis, Stacey

Davis, Stacey

(360) 867-6761 davisst Sem II C-3104
Photo of Davis, Steve

Davis, Steve

(360) 867-6263 daviss Lib 1401
Photo of de Acosta, Alejandro

de Acosta, Alejandro

(360) 867-5942 deacosta Sem II D-3102
Photo of de Acosta, Diego

de Acosta, Diego

(360) 867-6852 deacostd Lab II 3266
Photo of de Marcken (Forbes), Anne

de Marcken (Forbes), Anne

(360) 867-6694 demarcka Lab II 2251
Photo of Dean, Mary

Dean, Mary

(360) 867-6588 deanm Sem II B-2124
Photo of Dennison, Jean

Dennison, Jean

Photo of Diamant, Hirsh

Diamant, Hirsh

(360) 867-6736 diamanth Sem II B-3115
Photo of Dirks, Clarissa

Dirks, Clarissa

(360) 867-6612 dirksc Lab I 2011
Photo of Doelman, Michaela

Doelman, Michaela

Photo of Dorman, Peter

Dorman, Peter

(360) 867-6899 dormanp Lab I 3015
Photo of Dunn, Dee

Dunn, Dee

Photo of DuPuis, Mary

DuPuis, Mary

(360) 867-6286 dupuism Sem Reservation Based
Photo of Dzieza, Larry

Dzieza, Larry

Expertise: state and federal budget process, strategic planning, technology in government, performance management

Related Subjects: Business and Economics Politics and Government

(360) 867-5939 dziezal Lab I 3019
Photo of Eamon, Kathleen

Eamon, Kathleen

(360) 867-6850 eamonk Sem II E-4110
Photo of Elliott, Marla

Elliott, Marla

(360) 867-6096 elliotma Sem II B-2115A
Photo of Ellis, Cali

Ellis, Cali

Expertise: public administration, public policy

Photo of Eloheimo, Marja

Eloheimo, Marja

(360) 867-6448 eloheimo Sem II B-3116
Photo of Eltantawi, Sarah

Eltantawi, Sarah

(360) 867-6386 eltantas Sem II D-4104
Photo of Esposito, Phyllis

Esposito, Phyllis

(360) 867-6740 espositp Sem II A-3108
Photo of Esposito, Robert

Esposito, Robert

(360) 867-6436 espositr Com 362
Photo of Faur, Amjad

Faur, Amjad

(360) 867-6754 faura Sem II E-4106
Photo of Featherly, Lynarra

Featherly, Lynarra

(360) 867-6506 featherl Sem II E-4104
Photo of Fiksdal, Susan

Fiksdal, Susan

Expertise: linguistics and languages

Related Subjects: Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6329 fiksdals Sem II D-3102
Photo of Fischel, Anne

Fischel, Anne

(360) 867-6416 fischela Sem II E-3108
Photo of Fischer, Dylan

Fischer, Dylan

(360) 867-6509 fischerd Sem II C-4108
Photo of Flemmer, Leslie

Flemmer, Leslie

(360) 867-5209 flemmerl Sem II A-2112
Photo of Flores, Hugo

Flores, Hugo

(360) 867-6081 floresh Sem II B-2121
Photo of Flores, Lola

Flores, Lola

Expertise: ecological economics, policy implementation

Photo of Flusty, Steven

Flusty, Steven

(360) 867-6633 flustys Sem II D-3106
Photo of Foote, Thomas

Foote, Thomas

Expertise: journalism, writing

Related Subjects: Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6158 footet Lab II 2266
Photo of Forbes-Lorman, Robin

Forbes-Lorman, Robin

Photo of Ford, Terry

Ford, Terry

(360) 867-6713 fordter Sem II A-3102
Photo of Fortugno, John

Fortugno, John

(360) 867-5939 fortugnj Lab I 3019
Photo of Foster-Grahler, Vauhn

Foster-Grahler, Vauhn

(360) 867-5630 fostergv Lib 2304J
Photo of Francis, Kevin

Francis, Kevin

(360) 867-5831 francisk Lab I 3018
Photo of Fraser, Karen

Fraser, Karen

(360) 867-5939 fraserk Lab I 3019
Photo of Freeman, George

Freeman, George

(360) 867-6198 freemang Sem II C-4110
Photo of Gabriele, Judith

Gabriele, Judith

(360) 867-5487 gabrielj Sem II B-3127
Photo of Gaffney, Linda

Gaffney, Linda

Photo of Gassko, Irene

Gassko, Irene

Photo of Gaul, Karen

Gaul, Karen

(360) 867-6009 gaulakk Lab II 2253
Photo of Genia, Erin

Genia, Erin

Expertise: public administration, native american studies, fine arts

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Social Sciences Politics and Government

(360) 867-5121 geniae Sem II E-2104
Photo of Gerend, Jennifer

Gerend, Jennifer

Expertise: urban planning

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies Politics and Government Cultural Studies

(360) 867-6490 gerendj Lab I 3006
Photo of Geri, Laurance

Geri, Laurance

(360) 867-6616 geril Lab I 3002
Photo of Glassman, Jeff

Glassman, Jeff

Photo of Gould, Amy

Gould, Amy

(360) 867-6135 goulda Sem II D-2106
Photo of Grodzik, Walter

Grodzik, Walter

(360) 867-6076 grodzikw Sem II C-4106
Photo of Grossman, Zoltan

Grossman, Zoltan

(360) 867-6153 grossmaz Lab I 3012
Photo of Gullickson, Andrea

Gullickson, Andrea

(360) 867-5946 gullicka Com 359
Photo of Haft, Bob

Haft, Bob

(360) 867-6474 haftr Lab I 1004
Photo of Hahn, Jeanne

Hahn, Jeanne

(360) 867-6014 hahnj Lab II 2247
Photo of Hamman, Sarah

Hamman, Sarah

(360) 867-6600 hammans
Photo of Happ, Jonathan

Happ, Jonathan

Photo of Hardiman, W. Joye

Hardiman, W. Joye

(360) 867-5912 hardimwj Sem II A-3112
Photo of Harrison, Aisha

Harrison, Aisha

harrisoa Lab II 3262
Photo of Harrison, Lucia

Harrison, Lucia

(360) 867-6486 harrisol Lab I 2016
Photo of Harrison, Mark

Harrison, Mark

(360) 867-6454 harmark Sem II B-3104
Photo of Hastings, Rachel

Hastings, Rachel

(360) 867-6151 hastingr Lab II 3268
Photo of Hatfield, Leslie

Hatfield, Leslie

(360) 867-5939 hatfiell Lab I 3019
Photo of Hayes, Marc

Hayes, Marc

Expertise: biology

Photo of Hayes, Ruth

Hayes, Ruth

(360) 867-6890 hayesr Sem II D-3110
Photo of Heineccius, Julia

Heineccius, Julia

(360) 867-6355 heineccj Lab I 2020
Photo of Henderson, Martha

Henderson, Martha

(360) 867-6841 mhenders Lab I 1006
Photo of Hendricks, Steven

Hendricks, Steven

(360) 867-5745 hendrics Sem II C-3102
Photo of Herbison, Chico

Herbison, Chico

(360) 867-6285 herbisoc Sem II A-2104
Photo of Herman, Steven G.

Herman, Steven G.

Expertise: ornithology, wildlife biology, animal ecology and behavior

(360) 867-6600 hermans Lab I 1020
Photo of Hernandez-Scott, Erica

Hernandez-Scott, Erica

(360) 867-6672 hernande Sem II A-3104
Photo of Heying, Heather

Heying, Heather

(360) 867-5535 heyingh Lab I 3049
Photo of Himes, Katherine

Himes, Katherine

Photo of Hocking, Justin

Hocking, Justin

Photo of Hoepli, Marianne

Hoepli, Marianne

(360) 867-6741 hoeplim Sem II B-3125
Photo of Hogan, Karen

Hogan, Karen

(360) 867-5078 hogank Sem II B-3110
Photo of Horton, Paul

Horton, Paul

(360) 867-6019 hortonp Lab I 1010
Photo of Huerta, Grace

Huerta, Grace

(360) 867-5209 huertag Sem II A-2112
Photo of Huntington, Sara

Huntington, Sara

(360) 867-6643 huntings Lib 3407
Photo of Hurst, Mark

Hurst, Mark

(360) 867-6624 hurstm Sem II B-2119
Photo of Impara, Peter

Impara, Peter

(360) 867-6543 imparap Sem II D-4110
Photo of Indick, William

Indick, William

Photo of Jang, Rose

Jang, Rose

(360) 867-6705 jangr Com 357
Photo of Johnson, Thomas

Johnson, Thomas

Expertise: geography

Related Subjects: Social Sciences

(360) 867-6524 johnsotj Lab I 1016
Photo of Josephy, Alvin

Josephy, Alvin

(360) 867-6588 josephya Sem II B-3119
Photo of Jun, Heesoon

Jun, Heesoon

(360) 867-6855 junh Lab II 2267
Photo of Kamen, Ben

Kamen, Ben

(360) 867-6876 kamenb Sem II B-2117
Photo of Kelly, Kathy

Kelly, Kathy

(360) 867-6816 kellyka Sem II B-2116
Photo of Kennedy, Cynthia

Kennedy, Cynthia

(360) 867-5009 kennedyc Com 361
Photo of Kent, Aaron

Kent, Aaron

Photo of Khaleghi, Dariush

Khaleghi, Dariush

(360) 867-6661 khaleghd Sem II B-3121
Photo of Khanna, Mukti

Khanna, Mukti

(360) 867-6752 khannam Lab I 1015
Photo of King, Adam

King, Adam

(360) 867-6503 kinga Lab II 3273
Photo of King, Cheryl Simrell

King, Cheryl Simrell

(360) 867-5541 kingcs Lab I 1002
Photo of Knapp, Robert

Knapp, Robert

(360) 867-6084 knappr Lab I 2016
Photo of Koppelman, Nancy

Koppelman, Nancy

(360) 867-6383 koppelmn Lab II 2255
Photo of Kozick, Stephanie

Kozick, Stephanie

(360) 867-6439 kozicks Sem II D-4106
Photo of Krafcik, Patricia

Krafcik, Patricia

(360) 867-6491 krafcikp Sem II A-2110
Photo of Krotscheck, Ulrike

Krotscheck, Ulrike

(360) 867-6017 ulrikek Sem II C-4102
Photo of Krulich, Barbara

Krulich, Barbara

(360) 867-6805 krulichb Sem 2126
Photo of Krupp, Lester

Krupp, Lester

(360) 867-5498 kruppl Sem II B-2129
Photo of Kuckkahn-Miller, Tina

Kuckkahn-Miller, Tina

(360) 867-5344 kuckkaht Longhouse 1104
Photo of Kugel, Amanda

Kugel, Amanda

Photo of Landram, Glenn

Landram, Glenn

(360) 867-5434 landramg Sem II D-2110
Photo of Lane, Michael

Lane, Michael

Expertise: Indigenous studies, Tribal sovereignty and self-government, constitutional legal history and public policy in the US, Canada and New Zealand

(360) 867-6578 lanem Lab I 3010
Photo of Laners, Barbara

Laners, Barbara

(253) 680-3037 lanersb Tacoma 137
Photo of Lardner, Emily

Lardner, Emily

(360) 867-6637 lardnere Sem II E-3119
Photo of Leland, Maggie

Leland, Maggie

Photo of Leneker, Amy

Leneker, Amy

Photo of Lentz, Hugh

Lentz, Hugh

(360) 867-6313 lentzh Lib 1312
Photo of LeRoy, Carri

LeRoy, Carri

(360) 867-5483 leroyc Lab II 3261
Photo of Leverich, Robert

Leverich, Robert

(360) 867-6760 leverich Lab II 3253
Photo of Li, Mingxia

Li, Mingxia

(253) 680-3025 zhanger Tacoma 131
Photo of Lidman, Russell

Lidman, Russell

(360) 867-5491 lidmanr Sem II B-3108
Photo of Looney, Christophor

Looney, Christophor

Photo of Lowe, Naima

Lowe, Naima

(360) 867-6755 lowen Sem II A-2108
Photo of Lozano, Rafael

Lozano, Rafael

(360) 867-5189 lozanor LIB 1103
Photo of Lucas-Jennings, Cheri

Lucas-Jennings, Cheri

(360) 867-6782 lucasc Lab I 2013
Photo of Lyttle, Lee

Lyttle, Lee

(360) 867-6370 lyttlel Lib 2114
Photo of MacGregor, Jean

MacGregor, Jean

(360) 867-6608 macgjean Sem II E-3129
Photo of Machnicki, Noelle

Machnicki, Noelle

(360) 867-6503 machnicn Lab II 3273
Photo of Mah, Douglas

Mah, Douglas

Expertise: public administration, regional politics, demography

Related Subjects: Business and Economics Sustainability Studies Politics and Government

(360) 867-5939 mahd Lab I 3019
Photo of Marchand-Cecil, Cynthia

Marchand-Cecil, Cynthia

(360) 867-6286 marchanc Sem 3122
Photo of Marentes, Carlos

Marentes, Carlos

(360) 867-6827 marentec Sem II E-2110
Photo of Margolin, Carrie M.

Margolin, Carrie M.

(360) 867-6518 margolin Sem II C-4112
Photo of Marshall, Steve

Marshall, Steve

(360) 867-5939 marshals Lab I 3019
Photo of Martin, Erin

Martin, Erin

(360) 867-5264 martine Lab I 3008
Photo of Martinez, Jennifer

Martinez, Jennifer

(360) 867-6018 martinej Lab II 2247
Photo of Mauney, Allen

Mauney, Allen

(360) 867-6331 mauneya Sem II B-2127
Photo of McAvity, David

McAvity, David

(360) 867-5490 mcavityd Lib 2009
Photo of McCarty, Alexander

McCarty, Alexander

(360) 867-5120 mccartya Lab II 3251
Photo of McCoy, John

McCoy, John

(360) 867-5939 mccoyj Lab I 3019
Photo of McCreary, Paul

McCreary, Paul

(253) 680-3032 mccrearp Tacoma 127
Photo of McGee, Sylvie

McGee, Sylvie

Photo of McGlynn-Wright, Annie

McGlynn-Wright, Annie

Photo of McKinstry, Lydia

McKinstry, Lydia

(360) 867-5262 mckinstl Lab I 2008
Photo of McMillin, Paul

McMillin, Paul

(360) 867-6167 mcmillip Lib 3413
Photo of McNamara, John

McNamara, John

Photo of Meeker, Laurie

Meeker, Laurie

(360) 867-6613 meekerl Com 305
Photo of Mele, Angela

Mele, Angela

Expertise: scientific illustration, exhibit design, art history

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences Visual Arts Environmental Studies/Agriculture

Photo of Mellis, Miranda

Mellis, Miranda

(360) 867-6716 mellism Sem II D-4112
Photo of Meyer-Knapp, Helena

Meyer-Knapp, Helena

Expertise: politics and government

(360) 867-6084 meyerknh Lab I 2016
Photo of Middendorf, Donald

Middendorf, Donald

(360) 867-6618 middendd Lab I 2002 
Photo of Mitchell, Kabby

Mitchell, Kabby

(360) 867-6336 mitchelk Com 363
Photo of Molinero, Tony

Molinero, Tony

Photo of Morgan, Scott

Morgan, Scott

(360) 867-6913 morgans Sem II E-2135
Photo of Morisato, Donald

Morisato, Donald

(360) 867-6026 donaldm Lab I 3009
Photo of Mosqueda, Lawrence

Mosqueda, Lawrence

(360) 867-6513 mosqueda Sem II E-3104
Photo of Moss, Heather

Moss, Heather

(360) 867-5939 mossh Lab I 3019
Photo of Muehleisen, David

Muehleisen, David

(360) 867-6654 muehleid Lab I 2003
Photo of Mullins, Greg

Mullins, Greg

(360) 867-6243 mullinsg Lib 3509
Photo of Murphy, Janys

Murphy, Janys

Expertise: counseling, psychology, consciousness studies

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies Social Sciences Consciousness Studies

(360) 867-6323 murphyj Sem II D-3104
Photo of Murphy, Ralph

Murphy, Ralph

(360) 867-6430 murphyr Lab I 3014
Photo of Murray, Nancy

Murray, Nancy

(360) 867-5497 murrayn Lab II 2247
Photo of Nagle, James

Nagle, James

Photo of Napelee, Dan

Napelee, Dan

Photo of Nasser, Alan

Nasser, Alan

Photo of Naughton, Patrick

Naughton, Patrick

(360) 867-6909 naughtonp Sem II E-3137
Photo of Neitzel, James

Neitzel, James

(360) 867-6463 neitzelj Lab I 1065
Photo of Nelson, Alice

Nelson, Alice

(360) 867-6629 nelsona Sem II E-3112
Photo of Nelson, Lin

Nelson, Lin

(360) 867-6056 nelsonl Sem II E-2130
Photo of Nelson, Neal

Nelson, Neal

(360) 867-6738 nealn Lab I 2010
Photo of Nightingale, Naomi

Nightingale, Naomi

Photo of Niva, Steven

Niva, Steven

(360) 867-5612 nivas Lab I 1005
Photo of North, DT

North, DT

Photo of O'Connor, Grace

O'Connor, Grace

Photo of O'Leary, Dave

O'Leary, Dave

Photo of Ocampo, Catalina

Ocampo, Catalina

(360) 867-6714 ocampoc Sem II E-4112
Photo of Olson, Allen

Olson, Allen

(360) 867-5485 olsona Sem II B-3108
Photo of Olson, Toska

Olson, Toska

(360) 867-6545 olsont Sem II E-4108
Photo of Osha (Flores), Shaw

Osha (Flores), Shaw

(360) 867-6129 oshas Sem II C-3108
Photo of Parkes, Nancy

Parkes, Nancy

(360) 867-6737 parkesn Sem II B-3106
Photo of Paros, Michael

Paros, Michael

(360) 867-6406 parosm Lab I 3004
Photo of Parr (Pucko), Carrie

Parr (Pucko), Carrie

(360) 867-5915 puckoc Sem II B-3112
Photo of Pedersen, Sarah

Pedersen, Sarah

(360) 867-6647 pederses Lib 3405
Photo of Peters, Pamela

Peters, Pamela

(360) 867-5939 petersp Lab I 3019
Photo of Peterson, Gary

Peterson, Gary

(360) 867-6021 petersog Lab I 1008
Photo of Peterson, Yvonne

Peterson, Yvonne

(360) 867-6485 petersoy Lab I 2015
Photo of Phillips, David

Phillips, David

(360) 867-6508 phillipd Sem II B-3129
Photo of Pickett, Paul

Pickett, Paul

Expertise: water resources engineering

(360) 867-6600 pickettp
Photo of Pougiales, Rita

Pougiales, Rita

(360) 867-6387 pougiale Lab II 3259
Photo of Preciso, Susan

Preciso, Susan

(360) 867-6011 precisos Sem II B-2112
Photo of Prouty, Carolyn

Prouty, Carolyn

(360) 867-6410 proutyc Sem II E-4102
Photo of Przybylowicz, Paul

Przybylowicz, Paul

(360) 867-6476 przybylo Lab II 3269
Photo of Quinn, Timothy

Quinn, Timothy

(360) 867-6600 quinnt
Photo of Quiroga, Jeremy

Quiroga, Jeremy

(360) 325-7173 quirogaj Sem II B-3127
Photo of Rainey, Thomas

Rainey, Thomas

(360) 867-6010 raineyt Sem II B-2123
Photo of Rains, Frances V.

Rains, Frances V.

(360) 867-6086 rainsf Sem II C-4104
Photo of Ramsey-Sharp, Chris

Ramsey-Sharp, Chris

Photo of Randlette, Peter

Randlette, Peter

(360) 867-6279 pbr Lib 1307
Photo of Randow, Cary

Randow, Cary

(360) 867-6588 randowc Sem II B-2124
Photo of Reavey, Catherine

Reavey, Catherine

Photo of Reece, Andrew

Reece, Andrew

(360) 867-6146 reecea Lab II 2259
Photo of Reid, Joel

Reid, Joel

Expertise: wilderness education

Photo of Rex, Riley

Rex, Riley

(360) 867-6235 rexr Lab II 3271
Photo of Roberts, Dina

Roberts, Dina

Expertise: conservation biology, wildlife management

(360) 867-6636 robertsd Lab I 3005
Photo of Rognas, Liza

Rognas, Liza

(360) 867-5851 rognasl Lib 3415
Photo of Rose, Sara

Rose, Sara

(360) 867-6226 rosesa Lab I 1003
Photo of Rosemeyer, Martha

Rosemeyer, Martha

(360) 867-6646 rosemeym Lab I 1012
Photo of Roth, Rhys

Roth, Rhys

(360) 867-6906 rothr Lab I 3003
Photo of Rowland, Steve

Rowland, Steve

Photo of Roy, Ratna

Roy, Ratna

(360) 867-6469 royr Com 358
Photo of Russo, Julie

Russo, Julie

(360) 867-6046 russoj Sem II C-2104
Photo of Ruth, Mike

Ruth, Mike

(360) 867-6600 ruthm
Photo of Ryan, Sarah

Ryan, Sarah

(360) 867-6720 ryans Lib 2003
Photo of Sackmann, Brandon

Sackmann, Brandon

Photo of Sales, Liz

Sales, Liz

Expertise: art

Photo of Saliba, Therese

Saliba, Therese

(360) 867-6854 salibat Lib 2015
Photo of Sandifer, Arleen

Sandifer, Arleen

(360) 867-6080 sandifea Sem II B-2121
Photo of Sandoz, Joli

Sandoz, Joli

(360) 867-6786 sandozj Sem II B-2129
Photo of Sattler, Jill

Sattler, Jill

Photo of Saul, Kathleen

Saul, Kathleen

(360) 867-6511 saulk Lab I 2026
Photo of Schaub, John

Schaub, John

Expertise: physics, mathematics, creative writing

Related Subjects: Literature, Language, and Communication Philosophy Mathematics and Physics

Photo of Scheuerell, Steven

Scheuerell, Steven

(360) 867-7645 scheuers Lab I 2012
Photo of Schofield, Paula

Schofield, Paula

(360) 867-6013 schofiep Lab I 3026
Photo of Schrager, Samuel

Schrager, Samuel

Expertise: American studies, folklore

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6335 schrages Sem II C-2110
Photo of Schuler, Douglas

Schuler, Douglas

(360) 867-6704 dschuler Sem II B-2108
Photo of Schwartz, Howard

Schwartz, Howard

(360) 867-6563 schwarth Sem II B-3121(b)
Photo of Schwartz, Leonard

Schwartz, Leonard

(360) 867-5412 schwartl Com 360
Photo of Selter, Seytalia

Selter, Seytalia

Photo of Serpa, Jenny

Serpa, Jenny

(360) 867-5939 serpaj Lab I 3019
Photo of Setter, Terry

Setter, Terry

(360) 867-6615 tas Com 306
Photo of Severn, Eric

Severn, Eric

Photo of Sharoni, Simona

Sharoni, Simona

Photo of Shattuck, John

Shattuck, John

Photo of Sheppard, Gilda

Sheppard, Gilda

(253) 680-3033 shepparg Tacoma 129
Photo of Shulman, Sheryl

Shulman, Sheryl

(360) 867-6721 sherri Lab I 1009
Photo of Simons, Suzanne

Simons, Suzanne

(360) 867-6710 simonsc Sem II B-3117
Photo of Smith, Elena

Smith, Elena

(360) 867-6762 soninae Sem II B-3125
Photo of Smith, Ron

Smith, Ron

Photo of Smith, Tyrus

Smith, Tyrus

(253) 680-3035 smitht Tacoma 117F
Photo of Smurr, Robert

Smurr, Robert

Expertise: Russian history, environmental history

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies History Environmental Studies/Agriculture

(360) 867-5056 smurrr Sem II C-3112
Photo of Solomon, Frances

Solomon, Frances

(253) 680-3022 solomonf Tacoma 122
Photo of Sousa, Cynthia

Sousa, Cynthia

Photo of Soustelle, Olivier

Soustelle, Olivier

Expertise: art history, French

(360) 867-6588 soustelo Sem II B-2124
Photo of Speights, Arlen

Speights, Arlen

(360) 867-6712 speighta Sem II E-2128
Photo of Speller, Trevor

Speller, Trevor

(360) 867-6063 spellert Lib 2013
Photo of Sprague, Webb

Sprague, Webb

Photo of Squetimkin-Anquoe, Annette

Squetimkin-Anquoe, Annette

Photo of Stansell, Jay

Stansell, Jay

(360) 867-5121 stanselj Sem II E-2104
Photo of Stein, Eric

Stein, Eric

(360) 867-6434 steine Sem II D-4108
Photo of Steinhoff, Eirik

Steinhoff, Eirik

(360) 867-5368 steinhoe Sem II D-2104
Photo of Storey, Ann

Storey, Ann

(360) 867-5008 storeya Sem II B-2110
Photo of Strand, Natalya

Strand, Natalya

Expertise: mathematics

Photo of Stumpff, Linda Moon

Stumpff, Linda Moon

(360) 867-6845 stumpffl Sem II D-2102
Photo of Styring, Alison

Styring, Alison

(360) 867-6837 styringa Lab II 3267
Photo of Sunderman, Rebecca

Sunderman, Rebecca

(360) 867-6121 sundermr Lab I 1013
Photo of Sweet, Lisa

Sweet, Lisa

(360) 867-6763 sweetl Lab II 3262
Photo of Swetkis, Doreen

Swetkis, Doreen

(360) 867-5320 swetkisd Lab I 3011
Photo of Switz, Neil

Switz, Neil

Expertise: physics, biomedical engineering, optical imaging and microscopy

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science Chemistry

(360) 867-6019 switzn Lab I 1010
Photo of Tabbutt, Kenneth

Tabbutt, Kenneth

Expertise: geology

(360) 867-6400 tabbuttk Lib 3807
Photo of Teachout, Eden

Teachout, Eden

Photo of Thacker, Michi

Thacker, Michi

(360) 867-6033 thackerm Sem II E-3102
Photo of Thies, Martin

Thies, Martin

Photo of Thompson, Bruce

Thompson, Bruce

(360) 867-6052 thompsob Art Annex 1100
Photo of Thuesen, Erik

Thuesen, Erik

(360) 867-6584 thuesene Lab I 3065C
Photo of Tougas, Joseph

Tougas, Joseph

(360) 867-6891 tougasj Lab II 3249
Photo of Towles, Stokley

Towles, Stokley

(360) 867-6970 towless Lib 3411
Photo of Tremblay, Gail

Tremblay, Gail

(360) 867-6334 tremblag Lab II 3250
Photo of Trevan, Eric

Trevan, Eric

Photo of Trivett, Joslyn

Trivett, Joslyn

(360) 867-6735 trivettj Sem II E-2119
Photo of Tsultrim, Jamyang

Tsultrim, Jamyang

(360) 867-6758 tsultrij Sem 4122
Photo of Ulmer, Tomoko Hirai

Ulmer, Tomoko Hirai

(360) 867-5494 ulmert Sem II B-3123
Photo of Unsel, Julianne

Unsel, Julianne

(360) 867-5496 unselj Lib 3425
Photo of Valdez, Natividad

Valdez, Natividad

Photo of Valera, Melanie

Valera, Melanie

(360) 867-6339 valeram Lib L2508
Photo of Van Dusen, Gretchen

Van Dusen, Gretchen

Photo of Van Etten, Ab

Van Etten, Ab

(360) 867-6892 vanetta Sem II B-2117
Photo of Van Schyndel, Zoe

Van Schyndel, Zoe

(360) 867-5604 vanschyz Sem II D-2112
Photo of Vavrus, Michael

Vavrus, Michael

(360) 867-6638 vavrusm Lab I 3013
Photo of Vergara, Zenaida

Vergara, Zenaida

(360) 867-5277 vergaraz Lib 1503
Photo of Vu, Thuy

Vu, Thuy

(360) 867-6338 vut Sem II B-3115
Photo of Walter, Brian

Walter, Brian

(360) 867-5435 bwalter Sem II C-3110
Photo of Walton, Sherry

Walton, Sherry

(360) 867-6753 waltonsl Sem II A-3104
Photo of Waluconis, Carl

Waluconis, Carl

(253) 680-3055 waluconc Tacoma 135
Photo of Wang, Wenhong

Wang, Wenhong

(360) 867-6750 wangw Sem II B-3129
Photo of Weinstein, Bret

Weinstein, Bret

(360) 867-5608 bretw Lab II 2269
Photo of Weiss, Richard

Weiss, Richard

(360) 867-6871 weissr Lab II 3260
Photo of Wells, Alair

Wells, Alair

Photo of Whitesell, Ted

Whitesell, Ted

(360) 867-6768 whiteset Lab I 3017
Photo of Wiedenhaupt, Sonja

Wiedenhaupt, Sonja

(360) 867-6435 wiedenhs Sem II A-3106
Photo of Wilkins, David

Wilkins, David

Photo of Williams, Dawn

Williams, Dawn

(360) 867-6082 williamd Sem II B-2121
Photo of Williams, Sarah

Williams, Sarah

(360) 867-6561 williasa Sem II C-2106
Photo of Williams, Sean

Williams, Sean

(360) 867-6623 williams Com 304B
Photo of Williamson, Elizabeth

Williamson, Elizabeth

(360) 867-6015 williame Sem II E-2112
Photo of Withey, John

Withey, John

Photo of Wolach, David

Wolach, David

(360) 867-6588 wolachd Sem II B-2124
Photo of Wolf, Alexis

Wolf, Alexis

Photo of Womeldorff, Tom

Womeldorff, Tom

(360) 867-6064 womeldor Lab II 3247
Photo of Woods, Bob

Woods, Bob

Expertise: sculpture

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

(360) 867-6504 woodsb Sem II B-3119
Photo of Woodward-Pratt, Riley

Woodward-Pratt, Riley

Photo of Wootan, Gail

Wootan, Gail

Expertise: higher education, leadership

(360) 867-6225 wootang Lab I 3022
Photo of Wynn, Shangrila

Wynn, Shangrila

(360) 867-6505 wynns Lab I 2024
Photo of Yahnke, Amy

Yahnke, Amy

Expertise: amphibian ecology, wetland science, wildlife toxicology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences Environmental Studies/Agriculture

Photo of Yannone, Sandra

Yannone, Sandra

(360) 867-6382 yannons Lib 2304H
Photo of Young, Artee

Young, Artee

(360) 867-6393 younga Lab I 1014
Photo of Yu, Pauline

Yu, Pauline

(360) 867-6860 yup Lab I 2022
Photo of Zaragoza, Anthony

Zaragoza, Anthony

(253) 680-3055 zaragozt Tacoma 133
Photo of Zay, Julia

Zay, Julia

(360) 867-6051 jzay Sem II C-3106
Photo of Zimmerman, Michael

Zimmerman, Michael

(360) 867-6100 zimmermm Lib 3207
Photo of Zita, EJ

Zita, EJ

(360) 867-6853 zita Lab II 2272