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Performing Arts [clear]

Photo Name Phone Location
Photo of Alexandria, Jehrin

Alexandria, Jehrin

Expertise: dance, ballet, movement therapy

Related Subjects: Consciousness Studies Performing Arts

(360) 867-6605 alexandj
Photo of Buchman, Andrew

Buchman, Andrew

Expertise: music composition

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Performing Arts

(360) 867-6391 buchmana Com 356
Photo of Chandra, Arun

Chandra, Arun

Expertise: music composition, performance

Related Subjects: Performing Arts

(360) 867-6077 arunc Com 308A
Photo of Elliott, Marla

Elliott, Marla

Expertise: performance, voice, community studies

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies Performing Arts

(360) 867-6096 elliotma Sem II B-2115A
Photo of Esposito, Robert

Esposito, Robert

Expertise: modern dance, kinesiology

Related Subjects: Performing Arts

(360) 867-6436 espositr Com 362
Photo of Grodzik, Walter

Grodzik, Walter

Expertise: theater

Related Subjects: Performing Arts

(360) 867-6076 grodzikw Sem II C-4106
Photo of Gullickson, Andrea

Gullickson, Andrea

Expertise: music

Related Subjects: Performing Arts

(360) 867-5946 gullicka Com 359
Photo of Jang, Rose

Jang, Rose

Expertise: China studies, theater

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Performing Arts Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6705 jangr Com 357
Photo of Kennedy, Cynthia

Kennedy, Cynthia

Expertise: leadership

Related Subjects: Consciousness Studies Sustainability Studies Performing Arts

(360) 867-5009 kennedyc Com 361
Photo of Mitchell, Kabby

Mitchell, Kabby

Expertise: dance, African American studies, theater

Related Subjects: Performing Arts

(360) 867-6336 mitchelk Com 363
Photo of Randlette, Peter

Randlette, Peter

Expertise: digital media, sound design, media technology

Related Subjects: Media Arts Performing Arts

(360) 867-6279 pbr Lib 1307
Photo of Roy, Ratna

Roy, Ratna

Expertise: literature, dance, performance, cultural studies

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Performing Arts

(360) 867-6469 royr Com 358
Photo of Setter, Terry

Setter, Terry

Expertise: music composition, theory, and technology

Related Subjects: Consciousness Studies Performing Arts

(360) 867-6615 tas Com 306
Photo of Towles, Stokley

Towles, Stokley

Expertise: performance art, public art, urban systems

Related Subjects: Performing Arts Social Sciences

(360) 867-6970 towless Lib 3411
Photo of Walter, Brian

Walter, Brian

Expertise: mathematics, computer science, improvisational theater

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science Performing Arts

(360) 867-5435 bwalter Sem II C-3110
Photo of Williams, Sean

Williams, Sean

Expertise: ethnomusicology

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Performing Arts

(360) 867-6623 williams Com 304B