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Media Arts [clear]

Photo Name Phone Location
Photo of Arnold, Gina

Arnold, Gina

Expertise: media studies, critical race studies, creative non-fiction

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Media Arts Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-5121 arnoldr Sem II E-2104
Photo of Damonte, Devon

Damonte, Devon

Expertise: experimental animation, media studies, visual arts

Related Subjects: Media Arts Visual Arts Media and Film

Photo of de Marcken (Forbes), Anne

de Marcken (Forbes), Anne

Expertise: creative writing, moving-image media

Related Subjects: Literature, Language, and Communication Visual Arts Media Arts

(360) 867-6694 demarcka Lab II 2251
Photo of Hayes, Ruth

Hayes, Ruth

Expertise: animation, media studies

Related Subjects: Media Arts Visual Arts

(360) 867-6890 hayesr Sem II D-3110
Photo of Lowe, Naima

Lowe, Naima

Expertise: media arts, media and film, experimental media

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Media and Film Media Arts

(360) 867-6755 lowen Sem II A-2108
Photo of Meeker, Laurie

Meeker, Laurie

Expertise: film and video production, media theory

Related Subjects: Media Arts Media and Film

(360) 867-6613 meekerl Com 305
Photo of Osha (Flores), Shaw

Osha (Flores), Shaw

Expertise: visual arts, painting, drawing

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Visual Arts Media Arts

(360) 867-6129 oshas Sem II C-3108
Photo of Randlette, Peter

Randlette, Peter

Expertise: digital media, sound design, media technology

Related Subjects: Media Arts Performing Arts

(360) 867-6279 pbr Lib 1307
Photo of Rowland, Steve

Rowland, Steve

Expertise: business and entrepreneurship

Related Subjects: Business and Economics Media Arts Cultural Studies

(360) 867-6702 rowlands Sem II E-3106
Photo of Sheppard, Gilda

Sheppard, Gilda

Expertise: sociology, cultural and media studies

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies Visual Arts Social Sciences Media and Film Media Arts Ethnic Studies Cultural Studies

(253) 680-3033 shepparg Tacoma 129
Photo of Speights, Arlen

Speights, Arlen

Expertise: computer studies

Related Subjects: Media Arts

Photo of Zay, Julia

Zay, Julia

Expertise: media arts, photography, visual studies

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies Media and Film Media Arts

(360) 867-6051 jzay Sem II C-3106