Baumann, Judith


B.F.A., Printmaking, Photography and Digital Imaging, Alfred University School of Art and Design, 2001; M.F.A., Printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, 2005.

Expertise: printmaking, digital imaging, visual arts

Interests: printmaking, visual arts

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Contact Information

Lab II 0233
(360) 867-6003

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Drawing Practices: Figurative Studies
2014-15 Drawing Practices: Foundations
2014-15 Painting: An Introduction
2014-15 Printmaking: Serigraphy
2014-15 Printmaking: The Broadside
2014-15 Printmaking: The Political Print
2013-14 Drawing Practices: Figurative Studies
2013-14 Drawing Practices: Foundations
2013-14 Painting: An Introduction
2013-14 Printmaking: Introduction to Relief
2013-14 Printmaking: Materials
2013-14 Printmaking: Photo-based Processes
2013-14 Printmaking: Stone Lithography
2012-13 Drawing Practices: Contemporary Applications
2012-13 Drawing Practices: Figurative Studies
2012-13 Drawing Practices: Foundations
2012-13 Introduction to Serigraphy
2012-13 Printmaking: Materials
2012-13 Printmaking: The Broadside
2012-13 Printmaking: The Political Print
2011-12 Drawing Practices: Contemporary Applications
2011-12 Drawing Practices: Figurative Studies
2011-12 Drawing Practices: Foundations
2011-12 Printmaking: Intaglio Techniques
2011-12 Printmaking: Introduction to Serigraphy
2011-12 Printmaking: Letterpress and Artists' Books
2011-12 Printmaking: Photo-Based Processes